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Despite the fact that the movie industry, in its entirety, is grossing more money now than ever before, box office sales are actually declining and movie theater profits are the lowest they’ve been thus far. In other words, people are still watching movies, but they aren’t going to the nearest theater to do it. In a recent survey, a panel of movie-goers were asked as to why they haven’t been going to the movies as much as they used to.

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Sony’s OLED 4K HDR TV Hit a Home-run at This Year’s Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

With more than 4,000 exhibiting companies and 180,000 industry professionals attending, this year’s 2017 Consumer Electronics Tradeshow showcased the future of technology like never before. For instance, dealers marveled over Sony’s new OLED 4K HDR TV display. Sony’s aim was to recreate an image that’s closer to that seen by the human eye. “It’s as good as it gets,” said integrator Dallas Dingle of the 100-inch panel. What Does OLED Mean? OLED (organic light-emitting diode): Their screens can produce vibrant

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Why wire a home for Networking and Internet?

“Why would anyone find the need to spend money on wiring their home or business?” On the surface, it may not seem necessary. You may be thinking, “Couldn’t I just connect a wireless router onto my modem and call it a day?”  Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem. Similar to the way a flashlight’s light will dissipate the further it travels outward, the strength of a wireless signal lessens the further it travels away from its source. Furthermore, wireless

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Bowers & Wilkins is Business Insider’s 2016 Car Audio System of the Year

Business Insider just named its 2016 Car of the Year: the Acura NSX. This year, we’re unveiling two new awards: Audio System of the Year and Infotainment System of the Year. These are both important categories, as car audio becomes increasingly sophisticated, optimized for maximum listening pleasure; and as infotainment systems point toward everything from connected cars to autonomous vehicles. Our 2016 Audio System of the Year is Bowers & Wilkins. Over the course of the past 12 months, the

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What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home customized for you. A house that greets you when you arrive home and goes to sleep when you do. It means automated climate control: heat that kicks on as you get home from work and turns down when you leave to save power. It’s your home at your fingertips with the ability to stream audio to the entire house or just one room. Control any function at the press of a button. It’s greater

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Who Thought You Could Have So Much at the Push of a Button?

Going well beyond the confines of your TV, advanced integrated control systems allow the user to navigate nearly every aspect of home electronics.   Imagine finding yourself in bed and trying to remember whether or not you’ve locked the front door. If you’re like me, this is a fairly common occurrence, and systems like Control 4 give users the opportunity to not only check and then lock a particular door, but they also provide options such as a “Goodnight” button,

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Classé Amps and Preamps

Classé, manufacturers of high-performance music and theater components, recently unveiled new entry level preamps and amps, dubbing them the Sigma line.   First up is the Sigma SSP. Not only an affordable audiophile quality Preamp, the SSP is also unique in other aspects. Capable of handling video and 7.1 surround sound, it is, in addition, optimized for two channel stereo, allowing flexibility in configuration without sacrificing audio quality.   And what Amp would better compliment the Classé Sigma SSP than

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Control Systems for Surveillance and More on WHHI’s Lynes on Design

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Enjoy the Outdoors and Your Audio and Video at The Same Time

When typically indoor activities move outdoors, many will wonder if there are ways to enjoy them without giving up some favorite conveniences. This is when the issues of audio and video solutions suitable for exterior environments begin to garner attention, since as anyone who has tried can tell you, indoor electronics are not built for outdoor use.   TVs One of the best known manufacturers of outdoor devices is Sunbrite, makers of outdoor televisions of exceptional durability. Their Signature Series

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More Than TV and Stereos

While the different areas that AV integrator delve into can vary widely, one that sparks a great deal of interest is hidden or “disappearing” technologies. Several manufacturers leading the way in devices that camouflage televisions, and at the head of the pack in television concealment is Media Décor with products like the Art Lift and Moving Art. Each product line is a variation on a theme; art that, at the tap of a button, slides away to reveal your TV.

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