The Importance of Networking

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      In Europe, a deal between the European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Netflix was made to reduce bitrates of streaming video. This was due to the strain being placed on the national infrastructure from the increased consumption of those citizens sheltering in place. Furthermore, as people perform more and more tasks from home, more data is consumed. In fact, due to the increased need, some internet and cellular providers have temporarily lifted the data caps.

     More and more consumers are finding that their off-the-shelf networking equipment cannot handle the demands of multiple wired and wireless devices streaming various forms of media. System drop outs, video stuttering, buffering or even equipment lockups become more and more common with general consumer grade equipment. While it can be nothing more than an annoying inconvenience when the kids are watching their favorite movie for the 100th time, it becomes critical when it interferes with our process of working from home. Enterprise grade equipment, proper design and installation, can vastly improve the stability and reliability of a network.

     For those consumers who now find themselves working from home, you may need to enhance your at-home work space in order to remain as efficient as you did at work. The audio and video needs of your current equipment may have never been a concern until the need for video conferencing arose. Now that working from home has become more prevalent, the ability to see and hear our coworkers, employer, employees and clients more clearly has become more of a priority. Proper equipment, installation and configuration has now become a crucial element in maintaining a successful career at home, one that not only fulfills the wants of the end user, but also keeps up with the networking requirements of your new working environment.

     Proper setup and configuration of the right equipment can also help prevent intrusion of a home network. We will likely see a rise in corporations and businesses that have been struck by malware, ransomware and other security breaches as more and more workers adopt a work from home lifestyle during this scary time. While knowledge and vigilance in our actions online can help prevent some nefarious activities from occurring, firewalls, VPNs and security appliances can help secure our networks and maintain the health of our networks overall.

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