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An Outdoor Entertainment Oasis with a Hidden TV

When a couple of longtime customers of Custom Audio Video called to ask if we could help with their outdoor entertainment setup, we couldn’t wait to get things moving. As we talked about what they wanted, there were a few requirements that presented some unique challenges: For one, they wanted a big outdoor TV that was hidden when it wasn’t in use. They also wanted audio equipment that would supply an awesome party playlist, but not disrupt the overall look

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Custom Audio Video: Outdoor Lighting Project Profile

With the Outdoor Paradise Project, we wanted to provide a mixture…elegant outdoor lighting to be used for friendly gatherings, functional lighting for every evening, curb appeal as well as simple usability. We supplied controls for driveway and entry path landscape lighting so that our clients would be provided with safety when they arrived home at night. We didn’t want them to have to worry about stumbling around in the dark. We programmed the lighting to come on at sunset automatically,

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Reasons to Hire an Integrator Early on for a Multi-Unit Project

Our lives have become increasingly more connected – from our cell phones to our cars to our homes. Our desire to stay connected with our environment has made automated amenities a necessity in today’s luxury housing units and upscale office buildings. These added bonuses make occupants’ lives easier, while creating an exclusive atmosphere of comfort and convenience. As a developer, you know this, and most likely you are thinking of incorporating automation within your next multi-unit project. However, you may

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Turning Your Empty Nest to a Party Fest

Well, your last born child has recently graduated, and even though it’s bitter sweet to witness, just the other day you watched them happily skip towards making a new life for themselves…a life where they don’t live at home anymore. Sure, that’s fabulous for them, but what about you? Where do you go from here, now that they are gone? Suddenly, the house is ridiculously quiet, you’ve got tons of spare time that you don’t know what to do with,

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Quick Ways to Make Your Bar or Restaurant High-Tech

UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, 912food2go…these are just a few of the food delivery services circulating in the South right now. Each year, it’s becoming more common for people to choose to stay in for the night and just have technology bring food to them. So…are restaurants endangered? Geez, we sure hope not. After all, people will always need people…right? Furthermore, nothing beats the experience of going out to bar or restaurant: the ambience, music, visuals, laughter, people, and food…all these mixed

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How to Convert a Spare Room into a Man Cave

The kids are gone and now you have a spare room in your home. What should you do with it? Shute, don’t save it for them so they have a place to sleep on that one night that they’ll come back to visit! Instead, turn it into an awesome man cave, of course! First, you’ve got to take some time and walk through the space. Visualize what you want your Man Cave to look like. However, be realistic in your

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Adding Smart Shades to Low-country Home is a No-Brainer Perhaps you’ve never heard of smart shading before or maybe you’re hesitant to upgrade your existing window treatments, but motorized shades are incredibly popular in the Low-country and with good reason. Whatever brought you to our blog, we’re happy to be able to share with you some of the benefits our clients have enjoyed as a result of installing motorized window shades in their homes. 1. CONVENIENCE & COMFORT Homeowners that

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Preparing Your Home for Vacations

There are two ways to prepare your home for vacations. The first way involves you going on vacation, and the second way pertains to those who are coming to your home to vacation. Two totally different things…two different ways to prepare. Vacation Rentals There are several home and room rental communities out there these days (Airbnb happens to be our drug of choice right now), and if you are interested in renting out your home for a night, week or

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Making Your Outdoors Summer Friendly

The summer months are quickly approaching…the pollen problem is finally gone, the pool just got a new filter, your backyard trees and flowers have fully budded, and the lawn guy has taken care of the fallen leaves. So…what are you waiting for? Turn that winter-mode off and enjoy the beauty of your backyard. Here are a few tips on transforming that desolate no-man’s land of a backyard that you have right now into a welcoming, blissful, party kind of an

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How to Prepare Your New Construction for the Future: Smart Automation

Are you in the process of building a new home? Well, we all know that the major components of a home include: Foundation, Frame, Electric, Water, Sewer, Walls, Roof…the list goes on. However, do you know the most common oversight future homeowners make when constructing a new home? Without a doubt, the most common comment they make in hindsight is, “I wish I had prepped the infrastructure to support more technology,” or something along the lines of, “Why didn’t I

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