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               B&W has made its name producing some of the best sounding speakers available. Furthermore, they offer them in a variety of price points. The new Formation Series of speakers is a multi-room wireless system designed for those who seek top notch audio without all the wires. Not only is the audio quality what you would expect from the B&W brand, but they also spent 3 years developing a proprietary wireless protocol for independent and reliable audio. In fact, the newly developed wireless design runs separately from your existing wireless network with its own patented mesh system. The mesh network has less than 1 microsecond sync between speakers, which is imperceptible to your ears, and this means that all speakers can play the same music without delays. In other words, it has an “echo” effect. Also, the formation series supports 96/24 bit resolution which is twice the fidelity than many other brands, and it supports Apple’s AirPlay 2, aptX HD Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect. It is also Roon Ready providing an even more robust high-quality musical experience!


The Duo

               The Duo is one of the five products offered in the Formation line. The Duo is instantly recognizable as B&W speakers with a curved housing and the same industry defining Continuum cone technology available in the 800 series speakers. Set on top are decoupled carbon dome tweeters derived from the 700 series of speakers. The Duo is also available in Black or White and the housing uses a “cracked bell” construction that eliminates any cabinet resonance, allowing you nothing but pure audio from the speaker system. The front of the speakers also offers you the ability to adjust the volume and pause/resume your music should you not have your phone handy or just need to quickly make a quick adjustment. Each Duo speaker has a 32 bit DAC and a 125 watt digital amplifier built in to complete the package.


The Wedge

               Next is the Wedge, which is the successor to the B&W’s Zeppelin. It is a rounded speaker, perfect for placing in the corner of a room. The Wedge has 5 speakers designed specifically for the unit, each with their own amplification module. The Wedge uses two 1-inch decoupled double dome tweeters derived from the 600 series speaker line, two 3.5 inch FST midrange drivers and one 6 inch driver. Powered by a total of 240 watts, the Zeppelin provides robust stereo sound to an entire room.


The Bar & The Bass

               The last two speakers in the line are the Bar and the Bass, a soundbar and subwoofer to fulfill the needs of fans of home cinema. The bar has 9 drivers optimally positioned to create a wide and immersive soundstage for both music and movies. This includes a dedicated center channel for crisp and clear dialogue from your favorite shows and films. On top of the streaming capabilities of the rest of the Formation series, the Bar also includes a digital optical connection to connect to your television for your cinema audio needs. The Bass is a standalone subwoofer that utilizes opposed dual driver technology that allows the two drivers to work together with little distortion. Powered by a 250 watt class D amplifier and utilizing a dynamic equalizer that optimizes performance in real time, the Bass provides powerful and clear bass notes to your system. The Bass is available to be used with any Formation series speakers and, while it provides the kick needed for those action sequences, is not required for using the BAR.


The Audio

               The final product in the Formation line is the Audio, a device for connecting analog sources to your wireless speakers or adding the streaming capabilities of Formation to your existing audio system. If you want to add the ability to play your vinyl through your Formation speakers through out your home, the Audio will let you do that. If you want to play synchronized streaming audio into your existing media room or dedicated 2-channel setup, Audio will let you do that as well. The Audio is just the final touch on the Formation line.


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