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Control 4 recently released its new Smart Home OS3 to the public and we have been using it here in our showroom, and boy are we impressed! With over 1000 new features and enhancements, OS3 has made interacting with your home more personal, intuitive and streamlined.


Control4 owners now have control over how their interface is organized, allowing easy access to favorite rooms and quick access to see the status on favorite devices, services and scenes. Whether it is cameras, security system, lighting, shades, thermostats or even media streaming devices, anything on the Control4 system can be added or removed from your favorites for getting quick monitoring updates. These customization’s allow you and your family to access control of rooms or even the whole house.


Users are given a more modern and refined user interface across all control devices whether it is your phone, remote, touch panel or television. With the new favorites system, users can have easy access to the activities, scenes and devices that they want as well as have a dashboard for the whole home. This simplifies actions such as making sure the doors are locked and the lights are off when you head to bed for the evening. Users can also select background images from a predefined list of high quality images or even add there own from their photo library or camera.


Security management has been enhanced to allow lock security codes to be managed from within the new OS3. Sorting and filtering have been added to easily access the sensors, shades, lights or locks you want access to without scrolling through a long list of devices.


The new enhanced Active Media Bar combined with Media Sharing and Media Session allows for simple and intuitive control and access to whole home audio. Support for high fidelity MQA audio allows the user access to lossless music in their system using streaming services such as TIDAL.


There are these and so many more things to experience with the new OS3 software. With support for over 13,000 third party devices and over 7,000 Control 4 SDDP embedded products OS3 is built to scale from a simple single room system to a whole home multi room automation system.


Ready to experience Control 4 Smart Home OS3? Come visit our showroom and take it for a test drive.



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