Crestron Home: The New Software OS3

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               In 2014, Crestron launched Pyng, an entry level residential automation system for lighting, shades and HVAC. Last year, Crestron introduced OS2 for Pyng, adding support for distributed audio and video as well as increasing the number of environmental devices it can support. However, much of the industry still thinks of Pyng as “Crestron Lite” with the perception of it being a small system. However, with Crestron’s release of OS3, the Pyng name has drifted away and Crestron has brought it more in line with the rest of their offerings. Now, it has been renamed to “Crestron Home” with the new software revision OS3.

               All of the simple programming of Pyng systems has now been carried over to Crestron Home. Complex systems are still configured using an iPad or a web app. But, specialized training in Crestron software has now become unnecessary and the systems can now be configured in a fraction of the time it normally takes using Crestron’s dedicated software suite.

               The biggest change for the end user with OS3 is the new user interface. Home owners can now make changes without the need for a technician. Creating and editing scenes for the whole house or even a single room can be done from the user interface. Owners can even personalize the background image for each room by taking a picture of the room itself to make the user interface unique.

               Support for multiple residences has been added, thereby allowing clients who have Crestron Home in more than one location, to access a property while staying at a different one. This allows home owners to feel rest-assured if they think they forgot to turn the lights off when they left. Perhaps they want to unlock a door for the dog walker or adjust the HVAC to prepare the house for their return.

               User access rights are a part of OS3 as well. Crestron Home will allow home owners to limit access to functions in the system or block access to functions in the system entirely. For instance, a home owner may want to give limited access to a home for service contractors, lock the kids out from being able to watch TV after “lights out” and more.

               The Crestron Home OS3 also comes with the release of a new processor. It is twice as powerful as the current Pyng processor, and it is able to handle more devices than ever. Crestron Home with the new software OS3 is easy to use, simple to program and it will provide a powerful platform that can fit most users’ needs.


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