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The Changing Form of Home Theater Seating

The hJaymar sofa seating with chaise in gray at Custom Audio Video's showroomome theaters of days gone by often sported cushioned leather seats custom made from fine leathers and including comfortable reline and headrests designed to work well in a dedicated television room or multi-row home theater. While this classic form is still sometimes sought after, many more options and styles are available that will help a room get beyond that traditional home theater look.

Today’s combinations of styles and configurations from individual seats, sofas, and chaise sectionals can bring a more comfortable and casual feel to a room where one might retreat from the world to binge some favorite shows. With both predesigned and custom designed options, interior designers and homeowners can have carte blanche finding the perfect seat to match a room’s layout and décor.


Why Consider Seating from an AV Specialty Manufacturer?

Home theater with projection screen on display at Custom Audio Video's showroomThere are many levels of quality in furniture and a variety of factors that go into making one seating product better than another. Build quality is a combination of experienced design, quality materials, and knowledgeable assembly. However, manufacturers that make seating specifically for home theaters and media rooms pay attention to specific factors that support the best experience possible when watching beloved movies and television shows.


A few such details include:

  • Proper headrest design to not block audio from surround sound speakers,
  • Cupholders and remote-control storage to keep items tidy.
  • The right levels of cushion and recline designed to make the seat comfortable for a two-hour movie but not a place for a nap.


If you think it might be time for some new seats in your home theater or television room, contact Custom Audio Video today to learn about the custom and high value options we have available, or check out this page to see the seating manufacturers that we recommend.

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