Highlighting the Latest Trend: 4K Streaming

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At Custom Audio Video, we are passionate about providing clients with the best audio-video experience possible. To accomplish this, our audio-video professionals are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

Currently, one of the most exciting advancements in the entertainment industry is 4K streaming. Initially generating buzz as a mere potential advancement, 4K streaming is now a reality that is revolutionizing the way we think of image quality.4K Streaming

What You Need to Know About 4K Streaming

Essentially, 4K streaming provides viewers with more pixels. How much more? 4K streaming provides television viewers with four times more pixels than popular 1080p televisions, this means that 4K streams more than eight million pixels in total.

To help put this into perspective, it is best to break this comparison down even further. With 1080p televisions, the image is 1080 columns tall and 1920 wide. A television set that streams 4k will have an image of 2160 rows high and about 3840 wide (4K gets its name from being almost 4,000 pixels wide). Or, if you want to think about it this way, if you sliced a 4K television in four equal squares, a 1080p image would fit into only one-quarter of the screen.

Should I Care About More Pixels?

To put it simply: Yes! Pixels are the very thing which translates the image onto your screen. So more pixels mean a higher-quality, crisper image. Using eye-sight as an example, upgrading to a 4K streaming television set may very well be like moving from blurry vision to crystal clear contact lenses.

A Little Complication

Obviously, 4K streaming sounds awesome, right? But there is one complication that has arisen since 4K’s release: a lack of content.

You see, since 4K streaming provides four times as many pixels, 4K files are much larger than regular HD files. This larger file size makes it much more difficult to deliver the content to your screen. Do not take much alarm with this, though, as Forbes recently reported a video streaming deal amongst the likes of Netflix and Amazon that prioritizes and ensures the future of 4K streaming.

If you are curious about 4K streaming, please feel free to stop by our showroom where one of our audio video installation professionals can show and discuss this innovative technology with you, as well as highlight neat tricks like how you can mirror your smartphone or tablet on a 4K television.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can take your in-home experience to the next level in 2016!

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