Intelligent Design Solutions for Sonos

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     Sonos has become the go to brand for adding sound easily to your home. With its ease of installation, configuration and use, it’s no wonder that Sonos is in over 19 million products in over 7 million homes and counting. The one “drawback” to Sonos for some people though is aesthetics. Sometimes its easy to stick a Sonos unit into a corner or on a shelf, but other times it’s just a sore thumb in your décor. You could always go with more costly hidden audio components, but maybe you already have Sonos or just want to save a little time and money.


     Enter Leon, a company known for its design aesthetics in the realm of audio. Leon offers a variety of solutions for Sonos equipment. The Tonecase line offers mounting brackets and covers for Sonos Playbar, Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 speakers. Custom fitted brackets can mount speakers to the walls for rooms that you want speakers out of the way and for optimal dispersion when using Sonos for your surround sound system. The Tonecase Fit line is specifically geared towards the Sonos Playbar. Offering a mounting bracket and a customizable front grill cover to match your rooms décor. The Tonecase Fit also supports TV’s up to 90 inches diagonal for a more polished look. Tonecase also comes in hardwood for the Sonos One and Play series of speakers. Available in Walnut, Light Oak, Black or White grain and can be placed on a shelf or mounted to a wall to fit the design of your room.


     The Ente series goes even further, by allowing you to use a Sonos amp to get sound from works of art! The Ente Sound Tile is a 36×36 inch panel that has 100s of fine art options. Select from a collection of Leon original pieces of art or available limited-edition artworks to enhance the look of your room, hiding the fact that there is an array of speakers to fill your room with sound whenever you wish. Leon also offers the Ente Sound Sculpture. A 74×52 inch wall mounted work of sculpted art with programmable LED lighting. There are also custom, hand crafted designs available to match any space or style.


Come visit the Custom Audio Video showroom and experience the Ente Sound Sculpture in person.

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