Introducing Roon: for the Discerning Music Enthusiast

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Today, all music is digital and streaming. It’s an evolution of convenience defined by the masses who want music to follow them…wherever they go. And while convenience is good, convenience also generally means lower fidelity. Now, while many people are not as concerned or attuned to the benefits of high-resolution music, there are those discerning listeners with collections of high-fidelity music that struggle with today’s technology options. They may have their music stored for use with a dedicated music room, but have to keep lower quality copies for the wireless speakers in the rest of their home. Maybe they don’t even go that far and are limited to enjoying their own music in one area of the house while using streaming services elsewhere, locked out of their own personal collection. Roon, however, provides the option of storing one copy of all your high-resolution music once, and transcoding it on the fly should it be necessary for devices that cannot natively handle the music files.

Roon also provides a unique interface that provides a level of information that would astound all music aficionados. The system looks at your music and finds reviews, lyrics, photographs, background information, concert dates and then finds links between artists, composers, conductors, producers and performers of other music. Creating something similar to a surfable magazine based on your music. The interface also provides information on the level of quality of the music throughout the chain from file to speaker.

 Another feature of Roon is its ability to generate a music playlist on the fly called “Roon Radio”. Just start playing a song and when it ends, Roon will select another song similar to the one that was playing. Roon will even choose songs that are not in your personal library, but are available on the supported streaming services that you have integrated with Roon. Tidal, a high-resolution music streaming service, is probably the best source for this as it has a huge library of high-fidelity albums. The interface will still continue to pull in information about the music from these sources to give you the same influx of information about the album, song and artist you would expect from Roon.

Roon has also been exploding in the partner market. Many manufacturers are building Roon support into their devices to provide more options for high resolution direct play audio. With many options currently available and more on the way, come see how Roon can help you experience high quality audio throughout your home in a way you never have before!

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