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Light is a powerful force that effects how we see and experience the world around us. Light can be used spur emotion, highlight focal points, or set the mood for all kinds of spaces. There are examples of it all around us; theaters, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, and even retail stores use light to create an experience. Your home, both inside and outside spaces, can benefit from the same power of light to create the ideal experiences you want.


Homeowners can add character and create a perfect experience and environment by integrating two simple products: powered shades and lighting control. Shades allow control over the amount of natural light and being able to control the light fixtures in your home grants the ability to create ideal settings. When combined, controlling the lights and shades can create the perfect lighting environment for both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.


Powered Shades

Window treatments come in a variety of forms. Whether it is blinds, curtains, drapes, or shades, there is no shortage of options for controlling the light that comes into your home. All of these options can be utilized to achieve the three main goals of window treatments: privacy, protecting fixtures inside the home, and controlling the amount of natural light coming into the home.

The benefits of window treatments elevate when powered shades are brought into the equation. Powered shades allow for automation which takes the burden of trying to create the perfect scene off of your back and lets expert programming take charge.

Powered shades can be opened to bring beautiful natural light during the day and programmed to slowly close throughout the afternoon and evening to protect against the harsh afternoon sun, all without you having to worry about a thing. As the afternoon fades into the evening, an outdoor shade can help create a cool and comfortable outdoor space to sit back and relax after a long day. Utilizing powered shades gives you the power to create beautiful and enjoyable spaces around your home.


Lighting Control

Utilizing powered shades can help regulate the amount of natural light in your home, and it is equally important to control the amount of artificial light which is why lighting control is so useful. Having the ability to control your lights, especially with preset scenes, allows for the perfect lighting any time of day or night.

With a lighting control system, you can have several different light scenes all controlled from a single wall plate; each scene expertly designed and programmed to create the exact lighting situation for the moment. One scene lights your home for a productive evening, while another scene creates the perfect environment for a dinner party, and a third scene for when it is time to kick back and watch the game. Taking control of the lighting in your home gives you near unlimited options for creating a living space that you love.

As technology continues to move forward, adding a lighting control system to your home becomes easier and easier. Whether you’re in the earliest design phases or you’ve been in your home for years, there are solutions for giving you control over how your home is lit.


Bringing It All Together

The real advantage of powered shaded and lighting control comes when they are used in unison to control the spaces in and around your home. Integrating shades and lights into one system allows for complete control, and using automation can take all of the worry and bother away. With expert help, your shades and lights can be automated to give you the perfect environments automatically or from a simple touch of a button. Imagine, shades that open with the morning sun to give you a natural wake cycle by filling your home with natural light, or a home that automatically lights up when you arrive home, ensuring you never fumble inside looking for a light switch.


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