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     By now, you have heard of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the “Do It Yourself” digital assistants for the masses. Maybe you even own one of them and have them controlling a light in the living room or perhaps you are using them to play music in the kitchen while you prepare dinner. However, we have to ask…have you heard of Josh? Josh is the next stage of digital assistant with artificial intelligence learning, and he does something different. You see, he is built to understand the natural language. Not only that, Josh can control many devices on its own like your lights and television. Rather than picking up something off the local shelf, Josh has the capability to be integrated with different automation manufacturers such as Crestron, Control4 and Savant which are used to enhance your smart homes capabilities at home and even when you are out and about.

         If you have used the digital assistants from Amazon or Google, then you know that the way they perform specific actions usually has to follow a fairly rigid sentence structure for a single action. For example, if you were in the dining room and wanted to ask Alexa to play music at a low level and dim the lights for a romantic dinner, you would have to say something like:

Alexa, play some love music in the dining room

Alexa, set the volume to 30% in the dining room

Alexa, set the dining room lights to 50%

Well, Josh comprehends a more natural way of speaking, and he knows what area you are 
in and can listen to your request for multiple actions. So you would say 
something similar to:

OK Josh, play love music at 30% and dim the lights to 50%

Josh is also more configurable, where he could be programmed to perform 
the same actions by saying something like:

OK Josh, romantic dinner

Josh can even make watching TV simpler. Say you want to watch Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 3. Normally you would have to turn on the TV, put the TV on the right input, go to Netflix, scroll through all the options to find Stranger Things, scroll to Season 2, scroll to Episode 3 and then finally be able to enjoy what you were wanting to watch. That is a lot of steps to take, but with Josh you would walk into the room and simply say:

OK Josh, watch Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 3

Intuitively Josh would understand that this would need the TV on, the TV needs to be on HDMI 1, we need to be in Netflix and would do all this for you as well as automatically start playing the correct show! While this only brushes the surface of Josh’s ability to naturally control devices in your home, it does give you an idea of his capability.

        Another benefit of Josh is the dedication to security. Josh only keeps voice commands locally, unlike Amazon and Google who record data into their own cloud servers. Josh also encrypts all messages and actively monitors and notifies you of suspicious activity. In today’s world of privacy concerns, constant news stories of data being used or shared without the end users knowledge, it is nice to know that a company like Josh takes measures to keep your private life private.

         Josh is also available on the go! You can access Josh from most Android or iOS phone or tablets as well as a computer using Josh’s web dashboard. Have Josh change the thermostat temperature, set some mood music and turn the lights on for you to arrive home and relax! Or maybe you need to let the dog walker in while your out of town? Just ask Josh to unlock the door when your pooch is being escorted around the neighborhood and lock it back when they are safe at home after their exercise.

         Unlike Alexa and Google Home, Josh is designed for professional installs and not available just anywhere. Josh has proprietary software that leads the industry in Natural Language Processing and uses machine learning to adapt based on your preferences. Because Josh is a custom solution, it has to be installed and supported by certified technology partners to ensure the best end-user experience.


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