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Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines Biophilia as “a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature: a desire or tendency to commune with nature”. The idea behind the definition is that we, basically, as living creatures…yearn for a connection with nature while we live our busy lives.

Therefore, integrating nature into your home or work space, especially during this trialing time, can be more than just a design decision. It can be beneficial to your well-being. Here are a few items that can enhance your environment with a biophilic pattern in just a matter of days:

Relax Where You Want To:

We all know what it’s like to excitedly head towards a room within our house, ready to read a good book or take a nap. Suddenly, you get there only to find that the room is filled with hot, bright light. With the use of automated shades, a balance between natural light and environmental comfort can be made with the touch of a button, a simple voice command or even automatically based on variables of your choosing.

Relax your mind:

Studies have shown that viewing the natural living process gives our mind a moment to take a break. Highly stimulating environments and repetitive tasks that require focus cause mental fatigue and reduce our ability to concentrate. Having a view or nature out your window or even on a TV can help our mind take a break and regenerate our cognitive process.

Listen to nature:

How would you like to be in the air condition yet hear birds chirping? Perhaps you wish you had a fountain in your home, but you never got around to installing it. Listening to nature sounds can be very relaxing. Relaxing our body and mind can often lead to the reduction of stress hormones and lower blood pressure. In fact, relaxation can lead to an overall sense of peace and tranquility if you truly let yourself go. Speakers distributed in key locations of your home can allow for the soothing sounds of nature to help you relax in your favorite spot. Automated water features in your home can automatically run when someone is nearby to give the sense of running water which has shown to improve your heart rate and blood pressure.


Feel the breeze:

Subtle changes in your homes’ air flow, humidity, and temperature mimic the changes that can occur in nature. You can even enhance the experience by adding a scent to the air circulating in your home. All of which can be programmed to change throughout the day replicating the changes of a daily cycle. Not only will you be maintaining your comfort, but you will be enhancing your overall perceived pleasure.


See the light:

Studies have already proven that our bodies and our minds are affected by light. The light we are surrounded by can influence our sleep-wake cycles, eating habits, digestion, and many other important functions of our body.

Using both the natural daylight as well as the electric lighting inside your home, a lighting and shade control system can create a natural cycle for your body to follow. You could even use the light of day as your alarm clock by having shades slowly open near your desired time to get up. Giving a more relaxing and natural method of waking for the day versus the jarring racket of your alarm clock.


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