How to Prepare Your New Construction for the Future: Smart Automation

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Custom Audio VideoAre you in the process of building a new home? Well, we all know that the major components of a home include: Foundation, Frame, Electric, Water, Sewer, Walls, Roof…the list goes on. However, do you know the most common oversight future homeowners make when constructing a new home? Without a doubt, the most common comment they make in hindsight is, “I wish I had prepped the infrastructure to support more technology,” or something along the lines of, “Why didn’t I at least pre-wire?” Even though by the year 2021, it is expected that more than 50% of homeowners will have smart home capabilities, most new-construction homeowners fail to incorporate “smart” technology while they are in the process of building. Now, we don’t mean to call the kettle black but…if you’re going to invest all that time, energy and money into a new-construction, wouldn’t it make sense to go ahead and prepare the structure to be “smart” compatible before the walls go up?

Expert Wiring and Installation Services:

If you contact our team before construction of your new home even begins (or within the very early stages), your technology infrastructure can be built into the overall framework of your house. We will work side-by-side with your homebuilders so that we can strategically place cables and wires throughout your property – long before the drywall installation.

This process, called prewiring, ensures that your house has the necessary infrastructure to support the essential components of smart home technology – from lighting control to whole-house audio/video and automation systems. With the proper framework in place to support future-ready automation system, we can then add your preferred home control systems when your new property is fully built.

Once we install your smart home technology and integrate each device’s controls into a single, easy-to-use interface, you’ll be ready to enjoy your new home automation system. But our service doesn’t end at that point.


Future Energy Efficiency: Your system will actively monitor energy usage and take steps to ensure that your home is operating as efficiently as possible. Once your home is fully-constructed, it will save you a ton on your monthly energy bill and lower your carbon footprint.

Increased Home Security: A smart home will allow you to go beyond the standard security system offerings. Every element in your home, from the lights to the window shades, can be prepped to ensure that your future home will be safe.

Improved Interior Design: If we prepare the infrastructure with a smart home in mind, all of the technology can be integrated seamlessly (without unsightly cords) before the walls go up.  That way, your speakers and other equipment won’t ever detract from your home’s look.

Comfortable Environment: The ideal temperature, lighting, music, and more will be all available at your fingertips once your home is fully built.

Convenience: Imagine not having to get out of bed each night to turn off the lights or check to make sure the front door is locked. With easy access straight from your smartphone, controlling your home will never be a chore.

Questions When you are about to build:

Will you work with my contractor?

Most definitely! After we sit down with you and go over what you want to have incorporated within your new home, we can arrange a meeting to meet with your contractor and finalize the specifics.  

Is there anything else I should take care of while I’m still in the process of building?

  • Range: Unfortunately, with homes already built, we see that the Wi-Fi system can’t cover the entire home, so the rooms on the outskirts of the home have spotty or no Wi-Fi access. We can make sure that won’t be an issue if you contact us before the house is complete.
  • Security: If a newly-built home wasn’t constructed with security in mind, a home owner may find that their networks were set up using the default security settings rather than what they would prefer. Even if your house is almost finished (or even already finished), it’s best to request for us to take a look at the settings already installed by someone else. We can help will changing the settings.
  • Bandwidth: Without the right setup, your network could struggle to handle multiple smart devices operating at once, especially when streaming video or music. Custom Audio Video can ensure that your new home will have all of the capabilities that you need or desire.

Once an installation is complete, can I still add new devices?

Yes! Our smart home installations are always scalable, which means you can add to your initial system even after your home is fully built. Custom Audio Video knows how to make your installation compatible with the future.

How do I learn how to use everything after I move into my new home?

Because we will be working and communicating with your builder through the structural process, we will know when your home will be ready for you to move in. At that point, we will meet with you at your new home and teach you how to take advantage of all of the amazing features your new home automation system offers. In fact, it’s expected that we will meet with you numerous times before the settling-in process is complete.

Custom Audio Video understands that building a house can be extremely stressful and that it takes time to make all of decisions. We understand that our clients will need us to make visits on multiple occasions before you feel completely comfortable in your new home.

“Custom Audio Video: We Can Help Even before Your House is Built!”

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