Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go-to destination for a wide range of Sunfire products, including Flat Panel Media Systems and Subwoofer Wireless Kits. CAV has partnered with the most trusted brand, Sunfire, to offer you a wide variety of ultra-reliable home audio products. Whether you need a compact subwoofer or a powerful amplifier for your home theater system, we have them all.


Sunfire is the leading manufacturer of elegant, best-in-class home audio products. Meticulously crafted with exclusive Tracking Downconverter™ technology and Sunfired optimized for unmatched performance, you can choose from an amazing range of Sunfire iconic masterpieces available at our store, including loudspeakers, pre-amplifiers, subwoofers and more.

We Offer Sunfire Systems That Include:

  • Family Room System
  • Flat Panel Media System
  • Game Room System
  • Stealth Home Theater System

We Offer Sunfire Products That Include:

  • Atmos Subwoofer
  • Cinema Ribbon Speakers
  • Dynamic Series Subwoofers
  • HRS Subwoofers
  • SubRosa Subwoofers
  • Theater Grand Amplifiers
  • XTEQ Subwoofers

The Perfect Family Room System

The perfect blend of tight bass response, compact size, and enveloping soundstage, Sunfire Family Room System is a winner for your favorite movies, music, and games.

Unique Flat Panel Media System

Sunfire Flat Panel Media System comes with features such as Cinema Ribbon tweeters and purpose-built bi-pole surround speakers for the ultimate audio experience.

Powerful Game Room System

Available in an ebonized rosewood finish, Sunfire Game Room System is compact but powerful enough to deliver high levels of deep, accurate bass for an awe-inspiring performance.

Stunning Stealth Home Theater System

Built with StillBass™ anti-shake technology and long-throw woofers for incredible output and clarity, the discreet Sunfire Stealth Home Theater System is truly a class apart.

State-Of-The-Art Atmos Subwoofer

Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer has an automatic equalization system and comes with a 1400 Watt built-in amplifier and a pair of drivers for an exceptional bass performance.

All-Powerful Speakers

Sunfire offers a great range of Cinema Ribbon Speakers such as the all-powerful CRS-3 that includes High Back-EMF drivers and hand-lacquered rosewood veneer cabinets.

Impressive Dynamic Series Subwoofers

Sunfire Subwoofers include the remarkable SDS-12 that is equipped with Sunfire’s FFD technology that works with both delicate musical notes and high fidelity music sources.

Superior Quality HRS Subwoofers

Ideal for larger rooms and home theater environments, the High Resolution Series Subwoofers from Sunfire come with compact, beautiful, piano-like finished cabinets.

One-Of-A-Kind SubRosa Subwoofers

A rare blend of massive power coupled with extraordinary reserve, Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofers deliver pure, musical bass and virtually eliminate unwanted wall vibrations.

Get The Party Started

Sunfire offers Theater Grand Amplifiers that have it all to tremendously enhance your home theater experience with performance that exceeds anything else in their class.

The Ultimate Sonic Experience

Sunfire XTEQ Subwoofers come with top features such as a proven tracking down converter amplifier, long-throw, High Back-EMF drivers, and a fully automatic room equalizer.

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