Custom Audio Video provides streaming solutions that allows listening to music or watching videos whenever and wherever you’d like. We have a wide array of streaming products from top brands in the world. From audio systems and media servers to digital amplifiers and keypads, CAV, which has partnered with Autonomic Controls, Inc., has it all.

Autonomic Controls, Inc.

Autonomic Controls, Inc. offers digital media solutions for manufacturers and integrators in the custom electronics industry. Its award winning media servers and control systems have become a preferred way of controlling iTunes, Windows Media, and streaming music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Slacker and SiriusXM.


Our store offers a variety of Autonomic Controls, Inc. audio products for streaming captivating music from your device.

Audio System

We offer whole-house audio system from Autonomic Controls, Inc. This system delivers high-definition audio, iTunes, WMP playlists, support streaming of popular music services such as Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, SiriusXM and Slacker, as well as the local and international AM/FM radio stations through TuneIn. It’s a complete package providing everything you need from a house-wide audio system. With features like high-end audio specifications and power rating, this audio system offers you the flexibility to select higher quality loudspeakers in specific rooms.

The user interface blends room control with music browsing seamlessly, creating a simple and enjoyable music experience. It allows easy control of volume level across group of rooms or in each room while streaming music. Autonomic’s audio system can support up to 96 individual zones of audio, making it the perfect choice for small residential projects as well as for large commercial environments.

Media Servers

Our store offers Autonomic’s media servers that are specifically designed for custom integration. It’s the first cloud-based media server in the world, connecting music lovers to a great selection of highest quality content. This server allows you to sync, schedule, control, and distribute multiple audio streams to various zones and locations.

Digital Amplifiers

Autonomic amplifiers have been designed for whole home amplification of their media servers. You can combine the Autonomic digital amplifiers with Autonomic audio servers, creating a whole new audio system for your home. Pair these digital amplifiers with Autonomic media server to get an amazing music distribution system for local music libraries and the popular streaming services including Spotify, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Pandora, TuneIn, Slacker Radio and more. All these can be controlled using the iOS, Android or any other web-based computer or tablet. All Autonomic products offer advanced control system integration with two-way IP or RS-232 control.


Autonomic’s in-wall keypads have been engineered specifically for their whole-house audio system. It offers convenient in-wall control for your multi-room audio system. These keypads allow you to control power and volume, and select different sources and presets with the touch of a button for each room.

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