Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go-to destination for LG TVs, including LG Ultra HD TVs, LG LED TVs, and LG OLED TVs that create a memorable home entertainment experience for your family and friends. CAV has partnered with LG, a leading brand in TV, audio, and video solutions to provide an immersive home entertainment experience. Visit our store for the complete range of LG TVs.


Explore LG Smart TV and cinema quality sound at our store. From streaming Portable Speakers and innovative Shelf Systems to leading-edge, 3D-compatible Blu-ray Home Theater Systems with Smart TV, get ready to experience cinematic excellence. Let the excitement begin with our full range of LG home entertainment solutions that include LG Home Theater Systems that provide superior sound.

We Offer LG TV, Audio, And Video Solutions That Include:

  • TVs:

    • 4K Ultra HD TVs
    • LED TVs
    • LG Promotions
    • OLED TVs
    • Super UHD TVs
  • Home Audio:

    • Docking Stations
    • Home Theater Systems
    • Portable Bluetooth Speakers
    • Shelf Stereo Systems
    • Sound Bars And SoundPlates
    • Wireless Speakers
  • Home Video:

    • Blu-ray Players
    • DVD Players
    • Projectors


As a dealer in LG TVs, we at CAV have the expertise and experience to take care of your home entertainment system needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you choose the perfect LG TV for your specific needs.

4K Ultra HD TVs

Take your home entertainment experience to a new level with the LG 4K Ultra HD TVs that offer a bigger, bolder, and more lifelike TV viewing experience. Visit our store for outstanding LG 4K Ultra HD TVs that provide four times the picture quality of Full HD 1080p in addition to better resolution and vivid colors.


Get amazing color and crystal-clear picture with the THX-certified LG LED TVs. Available in assorted screen sizes, the LG LED TVs are built with leading-edge technology and offer a sublime cinematic experience with sharp images, vibrant colors, and deep blacks. Find the right LED TV for your space at our store.

LG Promotions

Are you ready for your TV upgrade? We offer LG Promotions that you’ll love. Discover an attractive range of LG Home Entertainment Promotions on a wide range of LG TVs, including the Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV. Enjoy more home entertainment savings with new promotion prices when you visit our store.


Our range of LG OLED TVs is sure to leave you amazed with an extraordinary TV viewing experience. Visit our store for LG OLED 4K TVs and flat OLED TVs that transform your TV viewing experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary with innovative design, breathtaking contrast, and spectacular color realism.

Super UHD TVs

See detail you’ve never seen before with the LG Super UHD TVs that are equipped with a unique ColorPrime technology that delivers more than a billion rich colors. Designed to change the way you view everything, the LG Super UHD TVs offer an impressive resolution that is at least four times better than that of full HD.

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