Reasons to Hire an Integrator Early on for a Multi-Unit Project

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Our lives have become increasingly more connected – from our cell phones to our cars to our homes. Our desire to stay connected with our environment has made automated amenities a necessity in today’s luxury housing units and upscale office buildings. These added bonuses make occupants’ lives easier, while creating an exclusive atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

As a developer, you know this, and most likely you are thinking of incorporating automation within your next multi-unit project. However, you may be wondering how you will successfully deliver superior results without going over budget. Regardless of whether you are about to build a multi-story high rise to be used as housing (such as a hotel, resort, condos, or an establishment for senior living) or whether it is a multi-level commercial office building, Custom Audio Video (CAV) has five reasons why you should choose to hire an integrator for your project. From design to installation, CAV can help.

Impress Potential Residents

Luxury buyers know exactly what they want in their next residence or office space. Thus, developers know that appealing to potential occupants is more than jaw-dropping views and private entrances but includes elite automation amenities as well. When new visitors imagine total control of their climate and entertainment from their smartphones, their emotional response will inspire them to act quickly to purchase space in your new building.

Create Automation That Will Last

Why wait until the walls are up before you include the integrators into the mix? One of the most important reasons to partner with an integrator early on is to ensure that, in the end, you have completed a high-quality project that won’t bog down the buyers in the future. Hiring an integrator early on means that your client(s) won’t have to face paying for an upgrade later on because all the necessary parts were accounted for from the start.

Shorten Your Construction Timeline

Tight timelines are common place in today’s market. It is crucial to alleviate any common stressors that could potentially cause your project to take longer and cost more. Countless times before, a builder will wait to include an integrator to their team after they have already started building, only to find that the designs that they are working from don’t adequately compliment automation. As a result, the construction timeline lengthens. Therefore, we recommended that you add an integrator to your team early on, while you are still in the initial stages of design. CAV will be happy to consult with you and discuss your network and project needs. We can ensure that your designs include all of the major components necessary, thereby guaranteeing a successful installation in a timely manner. Undoubtedly, adding CAV to your team, before you even start building, will not only decrease the overall construction time for your project to be completed, it will ensure that you are going to have everything done right the first time around.

Decrease Design and Installation Costs

With the design-build approach, communication is transparent as everyone strives to achieve a common goal. This team centered method not only reduces scoping and operational costs, but it can prevent change to the orders as well. Altering plans to a project will obviously be costly, add construction delays and cause undue stress to you, the builder.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls

An integration firm that is well-versed in every aspect of project design, electrical engineering and installation is mandatory. Even the best designed automation system throughout a commercial building or a residential dwelling unit can incur problems if not installed properly. Because our integrators at CAV are familiar with all the steps of the process, we can foresee and eliminate issues that traditional electricians may not have experienced.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the end, the success of your project is measured by the happiness of your occupants. Key card access, closed circuit surveillance and smart door locks help residents feel safe and secure. Furthermore, integrating video intercoms and alert systems will help owners and/or managers communicate freely with their clients and ensure that the best concierge service is provided.

If you are a developer working on your next project, consider hiring an integrator who can help bring continuity to your project from start to finish. For more information, contact CAV today.
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