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Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC - Custom Audio Video

Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC

Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC

Structured Wiring Systems In Bluffton SC

Custom Audio Video offers a structured wiring systems developed by the best manufacturers in home security and we are located in Sheridan Park, Bluffton. Our structured wiring systems ensure the durable possible connection and signal to all your electronic devices.

We give you a whole house network wiring of video, data, file server and backup, power conditioning, audio or sound system, television, and home automation including security signals with a single-point connection. We provide a convenient system control over the entire home or office. We cover also the systems wiring in schools, clinics, country clubs, eateries, places of worship and many others, to enable you utilize the abilities of these systems and enable them run together and more efficiently.

Now, why do you need CAV to wire your systems?

Our goal is to have one main supply hub to serve all rooms within a building with multifunction communications ability. With our experienced team you can have the best structured wiring systems as technology changes so as to minimize your expensive rewiring within the building. Making your dreams for an easy and well-designed media skill for your friends and family come through just at the snap of your finger.

Our wiring systems permit thermostat and lighting control through your computer at the board. We can connect your computers within the building to share data, printers, and very high-speed internet.

links.Connecting your telephone lines to be operated at various locations and inter-linking your security cameras with the TV system to enable the monitoring of individuals, such as aged people, kids and even your guests.Our wiring system can give your rooms the best sound system to as many as six different rooms at the same time, with in-built or outward speakers and remotes for individual volume control in each room.

How do you build a structured wiring system?

CAV provides a variety of security systems developed to serve you better by the best producers for your building security. The systems components and accessories are connected through cabled or wireless networks which are controlled with keypads or remotes positioned at strategic areas throughout your entire building.

1. You need our expert team to create one central hub that will connect all other devices and other electronics in your building because that’s the first step to a structured wiring system. After the installation of enclosures, we will build a media center to ensure that all compatible components and boards are in line from the same brand in order to manage and distribute audio, video, voice, data into the best configuration suitable for your building requirements.

2. Our trained installation team will wire your whole building from your media center to separate rooms in the building. We don’t just wire, we also reconnect any required connections that need an expert touch.

3. We give your building a finished structured wiring by the installation and insertion of unique wallplates linked throughout your building wiring to the media center.

CAV surely delivers as we give you the best structured wiring system in Bluffton.


Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC
Custom Audio Video
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Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC Structured Wiring Systems Bluffton SC

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