The Control 4 Neeo Remote

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Control 4 recenty released its new Neeo remote control for their Smart Home OS3 platform. Neeo is a sleek, refined remote with a modern Swiss styled design that has a mix of both tactile buttons and a high-resolution glass touchscreen. Neeo’s feel, weight and balance were all taken in to account so that the remote feels comfortable in the hand. Built with families in mind, the Neeo remote can withstand accidental drops and heavy usage. The aluminum body is rigid to minimize flexing and the screen is designed to survive falls of several feet.


The Neeo remote was engineered to provide control of your home media experience and unify your smart home by leveraging the power of Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 platform. The Neeo remote and the Smart Home OS 3 platform provide fast access to select and control your smart home experience and the devices you use most. Whether it is your favorite TV or streaming music station, lighting scenes, door locks and more. The Neeo remote is designed to provide a more enjoyable watching experience. Allowing you to switch between sources like your Roku, AppleTV, BluRay player, cable box, or even a game system effortlessly. Your favorite stations are front and center, allowing a single touch icon that can take you from a quite room to watching ESPN, Netflix, HBO or any of your family’s favorite programs.


With sculpted tactile buttons for the most commonly used functions, you can control your system without taking your eyes off the action on screen. While the graphical interface on the touchscreen provides easy access to scroll through more advanced options such as changing the device you are using or adjusting your environment. Yes, you can even turn lights on and off throughout the house or make sure the doors are locked without getting up from the comfort of your couch. You can even play music throughout the house without having to get up from your lazy boy.


Come see how the Control 4 Smart Home OS 3 platform and the Neeo remote can help make your home smart and simple.

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