Theater Convenience: In the Comforts of Your Own Home

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     It used to be, that home theaters were only available to the wealthy. It was, simply, just used as a tool to display your social and economic status…just another pin to the old vest that shows “I’m really wealthy”. However, with today’s equipment capabilities, and price points, having a home theater is no longer obtainable just to those that live among the elite. In fact, having your own home theater is now more affordable, and now more easily accessible than ever before. For instance, think about it…with shorter release windows (this is the movie industries term for the length of time that a movie must run in a theater exclusively), you can now watch brand-new movies in the comfort of your own home in a mere matter of weeks after it has been released if you have a home theater. Considering the convenience of not having to pack the kids all up and travel to the local cineplex in order to view a new-release should be appealing enough! But if it’s not, factor in all of the money that you are saving on movie theater concessions, along with the fact that you aren’t sharing your experience with surrounding strangers (remember that one lady that sat two rows behind you last time…the one that made all of that noise while she ate popcorn), having your own home theater seems to make all of the sense in the world.  

            Did you know that, thanks to the continuing evolution of the industry, you no longer need an entire room dedicated to your home theater? That’s right, while you certainly can have a designated theater room and theater staged seating, your living room can also easily be configured to be both an area to entertain guests and a place to enjoy your favorite flick. At Custom Audio Video, we have an assortment of ways to hide your new projection system. We can even hide that large television of yours, if you want the room to appear more inviting for conversation. Whatever you want the room to be used for, besides a home theater, we can make that room serve as both: Home Theater and Everyday Use. Then, when you want to enjoy a movie, simply press a button or two (things will pop out of the floor, ceiling or cabinetry) and your room will transform into its new function…a home theater. When you’re done, simply turn the system off, watch it all hide itself away, and your everyday living room is back again.

            Did you know that the world of streaming and on-demand content has opened horizons for new content to be delivered at a faster pace than before? Many movies begin streaming online now even while they are still in the theater, and movie studios are discussing shrinking the time frame even further. Gone are the days that we have to wait 6 months from the theatrical premiere to a release date on disc. These days, most titles are available in some form or fashion within about 8 weeks, and others even shorter. Also, since online studios are now producing their own content, some titles are almost available instantaneously via streaming. In other words, why go to the movie theater when you can stream it from home just as easily? It’s just plain more economical and efficient in the long run. So, the cost you pay up front for a home theater will pay off in the long run when you think about it.

            Home theaters aren’t just for movies either. Today’s television offerings are spectacular in their own right. Whether it’s the dread seeping from the pores of the scenery in ‘The Walking Dead’ or the vast and detailed landscapes in ‘Game of Thrones’, today’s production value on TV shows shines on the big screen. Let’s not even get started with sports and the ever evolving camera work that puts you in the middle of the action…

Come visit the Custom Audio Video showroom to see how you too can enjoy the grandeur of the cinema in the comforts of your own home.

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