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Gone are the days when you turned on the lights by flipping a switch on a yellowing plastic wall cover by the door. Instead, its time switch out your controls.  We say controls because a switch can do so much more now, from lowering automated shades to turning on music and they look so much better. A homeowner needs to think of lighting and controls as part of their room design and décor.  So much time is put into selecting paint and wall coverings, then an old school switch is put on the wall detracting from the thoughtful design.

Small and Sleek

Large spaces often have several lighting zones and all the beautiful design is hampered by large 4+ gang light switches. By utilizing control keypads, all of those lighting zones can be control and the keypad’s footprint is smaller while being able to fit into the overall esthetic of the room. Control keypads come in a variety of button options and finishes to ensure that the client gets the control and the look they most desire.

More Than Light

Smart keypads are capable of so much more than just controlling the lights; with programming they can control a wide variety of smart home products. One simple button press can dim the lights, start your favorite music, lower the shades, or tune the TV to your favorite channel. This is done by integrating a larger control system which ties the different systems together. The control system allows for programable scenes that give you the perfect setting for any occasion.

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