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Modern homes are full of technology, from WIFI access points to home automation controls, and typically nearly all of this equipment is hidden away in AV cabinets and mechanical closets. This idea of hiding everything electronic is not new and is almost an ingrained habit these days. If it wasn’t we would be tripping over a multitude of small black electronic boxes and ruining the vision interior designers and architects work so hard to achieve in our homes.

Sometimes however, in certain spaces such as a home theater or stereo listening room it can be refreshing to pull back the curtain for those entertainment products that go above and beyond in both product design and breath-taking performance.

One does not buy a Ferrari just to leave it in the garage.

If this idea piques your interest, here are three amazing engineering companies that Custom Audio Video works with to provide top level experiences.


McIntosh Laboratories amazing audio components

Rarely do amazing performance and attentive product design go hand in hand, but the audio engineers at McIntosh Laboratories have done just that for over 70 years. This distinguished brand provides homeowners and audio enthusiasts with the option to have both rock-solid quality and a visually stunning piece of equipment that is intended to be seen and talked about.


Bowers & Wilkins 804 D4 loudspeakers

While some feel the look of Bowers & Wilkins speakers to be both beautiful and strange, it is not commonly known that everything you see in their superbly engineered speakers is there to serve the pursuit of perfect audio reproduction. Combining the finest materials with the highest levels of speaker design can place an object of power and wonder in your listening room.


Leon Speakers television frame and soundbar

The classic problem of televisions, speakers, and electronics being necessary blotches of an otherwise beautiful interior space is a problem that Leon Speakers tackles head on with solutions that transform television and speaker installations into something sleek, modern and beautiful.




Feel free to reach out to one of Custom Audio Video’s experts on how one of these amazingly engineered products can fit into your home audio experience.

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