Highlighting Your Home’s Beauty

Living room with white furniture and custom wood cabinetry featuring carefully designed lighting by CAV Integrated Home to minimize shadows and enhance the ambiance.In 2024, CAV Integrated Home has expanded its offerings to include comprehensive home lighting solutions, recognizing the evolving landscape of LED technology. The intricate nature of modern LED lighting necessitates a departure from traditional paradigms. Historically, the lighting process often involved architects outlining basic lighting layouts for plans anticipating modifications before or during construction. However, the impact on home quality varied significantly depending on the decisions made during these augmentations.

Typically, the responsibility of lighting design falls either to a scarce lighting designer or, more commonly, to a local fixture supplier or electrician. In many instances, decisions in this realm are driven more by cost considerations than a commitment to quality. CAV Integrated Home is changing this narrative by collaborating with reputable lighting fixture providers. We extend our commitment to quality, previously demonstrated in the AV and integration technology sectors, to home lighting. 

Our approach involves:

  • Providing lighting design services to homeowners.
  • Evaluating the unique features essential for optimal aesthetics.
  • Fostering a cooperative business model that includes all stakeholders in the process while ensuring a higher-quality result for the project.
Home Lighting & Design

What is Quality Lighting?

A quality home lighting system encompasses crucial features like a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) for accurate color representation, precise 1% dimming capabilities, and the expertise of professional lighting design, ensuring optimal aesthetics and functionality for luxury homeowners.

Home Lighting & Design

The Process, Who Does What

In the home construction lighting process, essential parties include architects, lighting designers, electricians, and control integrators. The absence of any may result in the loss of quality and key features in the lighting design, underscoring the need for a collaborative approach.

Home Lighting & Design

LED Lighting Terms & Concepts

Understanding the intricacies of modern LED fixtures, which differ from older lighting technologies, can be difficult. By understanding a few key concepts, homeowners can express their preferences effectively, ensuring their needs are met and a successful home lighting project.

Here are a few links to some of our home lighting vendor partners:

DMF Lighting logo - Emblem representing DMF Lighting, a leading company in innovative and stylish lighting solutions.Lutron logo - Recognizable emblem representing Lutron, a renowned brand in lighting control and smart home solutions.Coastal Source logo - Recognizable emblem representing Coastal Source, a prominent provider of high-quality outdoor lighting and audio solutions.