Custom Audio Video offers a wide range of speakers, wireless speakers, headphones, subwoofers, soundbars, amplifiers and more to satisfy even the most particular audiophile. We have an inventory of audio products from the world’s top brands, allowing you to experience surround sound while watching a movie or TV show or while listening to music.

We carry these distinctive brands:

Bowers & Wilkins

Custom Audio Video Bowers & Wilkins constantly strives to create the best products possible. Their loudspeakers are the best in class, reproducing sounds as accurately as possible. They also offer top-of-the-line wireless speakers for streaming music.



Sonance employs cutting-edge technologies to develop in-wall speakers, outdoor speakers, in-ceiling speakers and home theater speakers. Sonance’s high-performance speakers are designed to deliver every whisper of sound and every note of the soundtrack with perfect clarity, as intended by the artist.


Leon’s custom-tailored speakers are designed to meet specific needs. Their certified systems are fine tuned to provide stunning sound in every room of your space. Leon soundbars, home theater speakers, subwoofers, and home speakers deliver world-class performance and matching aesthetics.


From subwoofers and pre-amplifiers to stereo and home theater amplifiers, Sunfire uses the latest audio technologies to craft an awe-inspiring range of products known for technological innovation and exceptional performance.