Ambience and privacy.

While our entire way of life depends on sunlight, full brightness shining into a home is not always desired. Controlling sunlight easily and automatically can improve the look of a home and protect surfaces, furniture, and artwork from harmful UV rays.


With daily programmed schedules, motorized shades can be programmed to activate at set times, when the day is hottest or when sunlight shines directly in certain windows. In almost any home, shading systems reducing glare, heat, and energy expenditure. Additionally, shading systems in offices or rooms with televisions can greatly reduce ambient light and glare, making for better viewing and less eye strain.



Pairing a motorized shading system with a lighting control or home automation system is a natural fit because they both control the light in a home, electric light and sunlight. A lighting control system often includes in-wall keypads and other devices onto which control of the shades can be added, reducing the need for extra controls and more wall clutter.

Just like a lighting control system can offer smart control of exterior lighting depending on time of day and the position of the sun in the sky, so too can motorized shades take advantage of these features to provide a better day to day experience.

Another great benefit of tying motorized shades into a lighting control or home automation system is to program what the shades will do when homeowners are away for the day or on vacation for an extended period. This can be cycling once or twice a day to give the outward appearance that the home is occupied, as well as running daily checks to make sure the shades are closed again should they be left open by cleaning staff or visitors. Additionally, a properly set up home automation system can give homeowners information about the sate of shades and allow remote access control through smart phones and tablets anywhere in the world.


Bright light shines in through windowsElegant and Beautiful Look

The motorized shading manufacturers partnered with Custom Audio Video offer a wide variety of quality fabrics with designer appeal that can offer various levels of opacity. With a huge variety of colors and patterns, the right fabric for any room can be matched.

If traditional roller shades are not the desired look, motorized curtains, venetian blinds, roman and honeycomb shades are all possible solutions offering the same features and similar ranges of color and design options.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]