Hidden Televisions: Cool, Aesthetic, Practical

Flat panel televisions are great. Even large sizes like 65” and 75” are light and easy to mount on walls or in cabinets, but they do have one drawback that is very obvious when the TV is off; they become large black rectangles in living rooms, bedrooms, and places where great effort has been made to create a beautiful room. Hiding televisions (and speakers) has long been a part of Custom Audio Video’s repertoire of design skills.

The basic ways we do this are by concealing the television behind something, be that wood panels, artwork, or mirrors; or this is achieved by moving the TV itself, up into the ceiling, down into the floor, or even on a robotic arm to underneath the bed. There are lots of options with various budgets, but CAV designers working with your general contractor and interior designer can accomplish whatever solution is needed to give a beautiful space some daily practicality and then transform back again at the push of a button.

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Wall Switches and Outlets, A Better Way

Wall switches and power outlets are necessary things in all homes, but they could look better. Traditionally, to get wall switches and power outlets to be less noticeable, a color matching the plastic plate to the wall surface was the usual solution, but these days there we can take it a step further. Using products like Trufig, Custom Audio Video can provide a way for devices to perfectly match the wall surface they are installed in, be it wood panel, plaster, or even tile. Even better, Trufig devices are totally flush with the wall surface minimizing shadows, making the devices as discreet as possible, something other similar products fall short of getting perfect. If you have an area (like a dining room) where you would rather not have power outlets but electrical code still requires them, Trufig has a solution that is code compliant that will hide the unwanted outlets. It’s like Photoshop for your home.

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Invisible and Small Opening Speakers

For years now in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have been the norm for distributed audio systems, but with new engineering developments, speaker companies like Sonance have developed versions of these speakers that are small without sacrificing audio quality. In-ceiling options have the added benefit of matching modern 4” LED lighting.

Taking the hidden speaker to the next level is to make it completely invisible to the eye. For years CAV has been installing speakers built into the wall that use the wall surface itself as the speaker, making for a speaker that cannot be seen. Traditionally, these speakers have been a compromise in audio quality, but recent reinventions of this technology can provide the aesthetic gain without the auditory loss.

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AV Furniture versus Custom Cabinetry

In many rooms CAV can install equipment, televisions, and speakers into custom built cabinetry that was designed by your cabinet maker. CAV designers can work with your cabinet providers in the early stages of the project to ensure that the both the technology and the beautiful cabinet design can fit together perfectly, concealing what needs to be concealed and being practical where everyday needs should come first.

In rooms where no custom cabinetry is scheduled, CAV can provide cabinetry that is designed to accept audio video equipment, speakers, and soundbars. From manufacturers like Sanus, Salamander Designs, and BDI Incorporated, CAV can deliver the piece needed to provide practical use with amazing looks, be that contemporary, modern or rustic.

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The Importance of Product Choice

Whether talking about a motorized lift or a cabinet to hold audio equipment, the selection of a quality product is paramount. Custom Audio Video goes through continual and rigorous product evaluation to ensure that the items we recommend to clients have a high standard of build quality and reliability. This is of particular importance with any hidden technology device that includes motors, ensuring a long product life and many years of service in your home. Don’t settle for products that are slightly less expensive and will last half as long as they should. Discuss product choices with your CAV designer to better understand the best solution for your need.