Custom Audio Video is an audio video store offering all types of AV solutions for home and commercial application. At our store you will find AV receivers and amplifiers of the top brands in the world. Whether you are looking for amplifiers, pre-amplifiers or integrated amplifier, CAV, which has partnered with Classe, has all your needs covered.


Classe is a manufacturer of high-performance music and theater components. Their amplifiers and preamplifiers/processors are designed by experts to deliver superior sonic performance from your home theater system or stereo. The company has created some of the world’s best audio components that are valued for their quality and performance.

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Classe Products

At CAV we offer high-performing Classe amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers.


Get an amazing movie experience with the audiophile quality amplifiers we provide at CAV. You can choose from a wide range of Classe amplifiers, including the Custom Theater Series, Delta Series and Sigma Series.

Custom Theater Series
Classe Custom Theater (CT) series has everything you would expect from the world’s best amplifiers. These are purpose-built solutions for installing world-class audio components in professional equipment racks. The CT series is the first world class high-end amplifiers designed specifically for modern custom installations. Features such as ultra-high-end performance, exceptional reliability and easy installation make it a world-class product.

Delta Series
The Delta series is a great leap in amplifier design. It offers unparalleled performance, prodigious power, sophisticated control and rock-solid reliability. These amplifiers incorporate all that Classe represents – technological achievement, innovation, iconic design and consummate craftsmanship.

Sigma Series
Sigma series delivers stunning sound performance. Some of the Sigma series models use switching technologies at the amplification stages and for power supply.


We at CAV have a range of Classe preamplifiers/processors that offer world-class performance for high-end home theater systems.

SSP-800 Surround Sound Processor/Preamp
The Surround Sound Processor/Preamp is central to a home theater system. All source signals flow through this conduit, performing the crucial task of decoding the different audio formats, and pre-amplifying the signals to present sound as intended by the artist.

CP-800 Stereo Preamplifier/Processor
The Stereo Preamplifier/Processor offers the ultimate sonic performance. It provides streaming options such as AirPlay and DLNA, IP control and USB audio. In addition, features like bass management, tone control, and PEQ enables your audio system to deliver world-class performance.

CT-SSP Surround Sound Processor
Classé Custom Theater-Surround Sound Processor is specially designed for professional equipment racks. This preamp is a combination of genuine quality and advanced technology. It’s a world-class audio component that helps your home theater to deliver immeasurable entertainment.

Sigma SSP Surround Sound Preamp/Processor
The Sigma Surround Sound Preamp/Processor will ensure high performance for stereos. It also features multichannel processing, HDMI switching and bass management.

Integrated Amplifier

Sigma 2200i
The Sigma 2200i is a stereo integrated amplifier that has been specially engineered to deliver high performance amplification and control from a variety of audio sources. With its powerful processing power and connectivity, it supports an increasing range of music and AV sources, which can be accessed and enjoyed without compromise.

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