Custom Audio Video is an audio video center providing AV equipment and components for residential and commercial application. Our store has partnered with Integra to provide you with a complete line of AV solutions from top brands in the world. Whether you are looking for AV receivers, amplifiers, preamplifiers or soundbars, we have everything you may need for your project.


Integra is a manufacturer of premier audio video components in the industry. At CAV, we provide Integra products that offer the perfect audio experience to audiophiles and videophiles. Experts at Integra ensure quality into the design, built and performance of every component. Features like high-end construction, system integration, high-definition potential and multi-zone expansion makes Integra components a favorite of home theater enthusiasts and AV experts all over the world.

Integra Products:

Our store has a range of Integra products such as receivers, preamplifiers, sound bars and amplifiers to enhance your music, movie and gaming experience.


We have a wide range of Dolby Atmos-enabled receivers, offering audio that comes alive in breathtaking details. At CAV, we have Integra receivers offering 11.2 channels, 9.2 channels and 7.2 channels, each with their distinct features. Integra receivers deliver high-performance Dolby Atmos soundtracks. We also offer network stereo receiver, providing dynamic high current amplification for clear, energetic sound from any source. The 7.2 channel network AV receivers deliver Hi-Fi audio all around your home.


At CAV we have different types of Integra preamplifiers, with varying features, for the most amazing movie and gaming experience at home. Integra’s 11.2 channel Dolby Atmos-ready network AV preamp offers high-fidelity sound reproduction. It features triple transformers power and cutting-edge processing technology for theater-like audio or multizone AV entertainment. The 7.2 channel network AV controller is built for delivering flawless audio and video performance.


Integra soundbars offer the perfect solution for room-filling 3D sound with set-and-forget feature. It’s designed to enhance your bigscreen entertainment.


At CAV, we offer a variety of Integra amplifiers with different features. The 9-channel power amplifier is THX Ultra2 certified and offers diamond-sharp sonic precision, whatever the volume. It has tremendous amplification capacity and powers even the most demanding home theater.

If you want to expand your AV receiver’s audio distribution capabilities, then choose the two-channel WRAT amplifier, featuring auto power on and Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry.

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