Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go-to destination for a wide range of Oppo products, including Headphone Amplifiers, HDMI Cables, and Rack Mount Kits. CAV has partnered with OPPO Digital, the premier digital electronics company, to offer you innovative and stylish digital electronic products that deliver unmatched performance and value. Visit our store for the complete range of Oppo products.


Right in the heart of Silicon Valley, OPPO Digital designs and markets digital electronics that combine innovation, performance, style, and value for the ultimate audio experience. Oppo products are preferred by AV enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike. When you choose an OPPO product at our store, you are assured of an unrivaled product performance supported by impeccable customer service.

We Offer OPPO Products That Include:

  • Accessories

    • HDMI Cables
    • IR Accessories
    • Rack Mount Kits
    • Remote Controls
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Personal Audio

    • Headphone Amplifiers
    • Headphones
  • Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers

Superior Quality HDMI Cables

From 3 Ft and 6 Ft High Quality Certified HDMI to HDMI Cables to Premium 15 Ft HDMI-HDMI Cables, OPPO offers cables that come with top features such as built-in Ferrite core filter and HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return Channel (HEAC).

Reliable IR Accessories

OPPO offers IR Accessories, including IR-ES2 External IR Sensor that helps in installing OPPO BDP-93/95 where the IR sensor is blocked, such as behind solid doors.

Outstanding Rack Mount Kits

Made with the best-grade materials for long-lasting durability, OPPO offers high quality Rack Mount Kits such as the Rack Mount Kit for BDP-105/D that allows for easy access and installation so you can get the results you want without any hassle.

The Perfect Remotes

OPPO offers a select range of fine quality Remotes. Thinner and lighter than the backlit remote, the Replacement Non-Backlit Remote is available for OPPO BDP-80, BDP-83, BDP-83R, BDP-83SE, BDP-93, and BDP-95 Blu-ray Players.

Premium Blu-Ray Players

You can choose from a range of exceptional Blu-ray Players such as the OPPO BDP-103 Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player and the Refurbished OPPO BDP-103D Darbee Edition that is fully tested, inspected, and in like-new condition.

High Performance Versatility

Available in two classic colors, Black or Silver, the Headphone Amplifiers from OPPO come with features such as Discrete Class A Amplifier, Fully Balanced Design, and Toroidal Power Supply for better signal quality and superior power efficiency.

Best-In-Class Headphones

From Planar Magnetic Headphones built with premium materials to Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones for privacy and noise isolation, OPPO offers elegant headphones that come with a comfortable fit and offer lifelike, natural sound quality.

State-Of-The-Art Wi-Fi Speakers

OPPO offers artistically designed and powerful Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers that can be set up effortlessly so you can stream music from your smartphone and tablet via Wi-Fi, Airplay or Bluetooth, stream audio from online music services and do much more.

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