Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go to destination for all types of audio video solutions. At our store you will find audio video products and components of top brands in the world. We have partnered with Rotel to provide you with the best receivers and amplifiers for your audio video equipment.


RotelRotel is a manufacturer of precision engineered receivers and amplifiers. We want to help our customers enjoy the magical feel of amazing music. At Custom Audio Video quality sound is of utmost importance. Whether it’s a simple integrated amplifier or a complex amplification of your whole house, our dealer partnership with Rotel allows us to deliver high value audio components to all our customers in the Lowcounty.

Rotel Solutions:

We offer Rotel audio video components for your music systems, home theater and whole house audio system.

Music Systems

The high-performing audio components from Rotel are designed to maximize your music experience. These products help you to enjoy the music as the artist intended. Whether you are looking for simple or sophisticated components, CAV has your needs covered.

Integrated Amplifiers
Integrated amplifiers offer impressive performance. Rotel’s integrated amplifiers offer all the connectivity you need to make the most of your digital music.

Stereo Preamplifiers
If you’re looking to get the most out of your extensive LP, CD and even digital music collection, a stereo preamplifier is the best way to go. Rotel’s stereo preamps offer music enthusiasts with the best audio reproduction.

Stereo Amplifiers
A stereo amplifier increases the audio signal of your system, so that it can be heard through a speaker. Rotel stereo amps allow you to comfortably hear music or any recorded audio through speakers.

Stereo DACS
A DAC (or digital-to-analog converter) transforms digital bits into music. Rotel’s stereo DACs envelop the listener in the most accurate audio reproduction possible from any digital source.

CD Players
A CD player’s primary function is to provide music listeners with good sound. Rotel CD players are designed for accurate, detailed playback while minimizing interference and distortion in the signal.

Home Theater

At CAV, we have various types of Rotel home theaters to suit most room sizes. From a modest AV system in the bedroom or den to a full-scale, themed theater room in a special area of your home, we have you covered.

Surround Receivers
Surround receivers are essential components of home theaters. The main function of a surround sound receiver is to serve as the interface between the sources, speakers and display.

Surround Processors
Surround sound processors are used both by audiophiles and videophiles to achieve the best surround sound reproduction for DVD-Audio, SACD, HD DVD, traditional DVD-Video and Blu-ray. Rotel’s surround processors have been designed for highest performance and maximum flexibility.

Multichannel Amplifiers
Multi-channel amps come in a variety of configurations, including three channel, five channel, and seven channel power amps. We have Rotel’s top-performing home theater multi-channel amps to drive even the largest home theater speaker systems.

Whole House Audio

Rotel’s whole house audio brings soothing, inspiring and energizing music to every room in your residence, including the patio and poolside in the exteriors.

Distribution Amplifiers
Distribution amplifiers supply a single video signal to multiple pieces of video equipment. Rotel has the ideal solution for even the most demanding installations. Our experts will help you pick the right solution for your specific needs.

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