Visit Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC for Universal Remote Control products, including Gyroscopic Remote Controls and In-Wall Network Keypads. CAV has partnered with the premier control company, Universal Remote Control, to offer top-rated remote control products for residential and commercial applications.

Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control (URC) has more than 25 years of experience in making innovative remote control products that deliver unmatched convenience, comfort, and security. As a dealer in URC products, CAV offers URC Total Control products that are designed for everyday living so you can effortlessly control your Climate, Entertainment, Lighting, Surveillance and more, using a remote or your smartphone.

Universal Remote Control Solutions:

Using a handheld remote, smartphone, tablet or other device, you can consolidate your electronics into one easy-to-navigate menu with URC Total Control and enjoy simple control from anywhere around the house or around the globe.


Whether you want to hear your favorite music anywhere in the house or dim lights to match the mood, URC has you covered with the whole house control. Our team at CAV is ready to help you choose the right URC product for your needs.

The THZ-100 Advanced Thermostat from URC comes with an optional wired remote sensor to increase efficiency and accuracy of temperature adjustments.

Green Home
With URC energy-saving solutions, you can automate lights and thermostats, set schedules based on time of day or time of year and do more.

Home Theater/Entertainment
You can control the home entertainment experience with a single, easy-to-use URC device that offers excellent convenience for watching movies and streaming music.

You can set the perfect lighting level with one touch on a URC remote or your smartphone and also control lights at home while you are away at the office or on vacation.

Multi-Room Music
With the high-performance URC multi-room audio system, you can control volume, create playlists, and enjoy perfectly synchronized music throughout the home.

Connect with your home and your loved ones with URC surveillance/security products that offer instant peace of mind from inside your home or from anywhere in the world.


CAV has the expertise and experience to cater to your remote control products for commercial applications. Explore our complete range of URC remote control products for businesses and choose the right URC product for your needs.

Conference Rooms And Boardrooms
Control all audio, video teleconferencing, video conferencing, and lighting with URC solutions that can be used for basic, one-room control to multiple rooms and floors.

Educational Facilities
Using an intuitive URC keypad or touchscreen, instructors can easily control audio and video equipment, lights, screens and more to maximize teaching and learning.

House Of Worship
With a URC keypad, touchscreen or remote control, you can instantly turn on the house lights to a set level, start the AV system, and be ready for a service, event or wedding.

URC provides easy control of audio visual, lighting, and temperature for everyone on staff so you can set the ideal atmosphere for your guests.

Sports Bars
URC provides easy-to-use solutions for fast access and control of multiple TVs and flat screens, house music systems, automating lights, temperature levels and more.

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