At Custom Audio Video you will find home networking solutions from world’s top brands. If you are looking for wireless access points, routers or switches, then rely on CAV, which has partnered with Pakedge, to cover your home networking needs.


Pakedge is a leading manufacturer of high performance end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial AV applications in the industry. The company offers best-in-class devices that are specifically designed for great performance and longevity. It provides advanced networking products and cloud network-management services for both wireless and wired networking solutions.

Pakedge Solutions:

Our store offers Pakedge home networking solutions such as network management, wireless, routers and switches for residential and commercial application.

Network Management

At our AV store, we provide complete network control through products that allow you to upgrade networks easily. These devises offer network management and self-healing, ensuring that the device automatically restores itself without the intervention of user. It comes with controller functionality for maximized performance of all wireless access points on the network. Pakedge products deliver enhanced wireless performance and interference-free wireless network for different environment.


We offer Pakedge wireless access points for high-range, wireless communication between all devices in a network. Pakedge wireless products enable the entire network with multiple applications to function wirelessly and without interference. It provides improved/enhanced wireless transmission and reception, while removing all interferences. They also ensure peak performance for VoIP, video streaming and audio streaming applications. We also offer AC Access Points that support wider channels for transmitting more information at the same time. The menu design in all Pakedge devices is similar, allowing simple installation and management experience.


Routers work as the brains of your network by redirecting and assigning data to their destinations. A router helps you in getting the most out of your network. All Pakedge routers have advanced processors, engineered specifically to handle high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic in commercial and residential environments. For optimum flexibility and control, Pakedge routers allow selective interactions between devices across zones, while providing high network performance of zones. It comes with integrated multi-layer security, keeping your network safe. Pakedge offers simple, intuitive, easy to use menu that ensures faster setup, easier configuration and simple maintenance of any Pakedge product.


Pakedge switches are an ideal way to power any existing network, bringing out the performance capacity of the connected devices. Pakedge switches use TruStream technology, offering an un-interrupted media experience by eliminating lag, jitter and buffering in audio and video streaming. These switches offer unparalleled flexibility of installation to the users. They deliver enhanced security to your network by employing a variety of features. It enables you to view any device connected to your network at a glance, from anywhere in the world. Pakedge switches are designed to provide silent or near-silent performance, allowing their usage in noise-sensitive areas like home theaters and conference rooms.

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