Custom Audio Video is your go to company for home networking solutions from top brands in the world. Whether you are looking for wireless access points, smart wireless services or software platforms, rely on CAV, which has partnered with Ruckus, to cater to your home networking needs.


Ruckus Wireless offers innovative solutions for today’s wireless networks. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines wireless network performance with its flexibility, reliability, and affordability. Ruckus solutions are applicable to a wide range of industries or verticals, including enterprise WLAN, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, MDU (multi dwelling units), education, retail, SME/branch offices (small and medium sized enterprises), transportation hubs and warehousing.

Ruckus Solutions:

At CAV, we offer a variety of home networking solutions from Ruckus. The company uses patented technologies to provide smart wireless services and solutions, system management control and access points for home networking.

Smart Wireless Services And Solutions

Ruckus Smart Wireless Services (SWS) portfolio offers WLAN services that can run in the cloud for businesses, public venues, VARs and service providers. These services allow several types of valuable services along with the Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure that truly enables the smartest wireless in the mobile world.

Location Services
Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) is a location-based service solution that allows service providers and enterprises to deliver a variety of value added services, while helping users to maximize their profit.

We offer Ruckus products that use Big Data technology and storage innovations to increase the scale and performance of a system while processing historical data.

RF Planning
The zone planner allows network managers to plan, design, deploy and manage Ruckus Smart WLAN networks more easily and accurately in indoor environments.

Mobile Apps
Ruckus mobile apps have been specifically designed for iOS and Android.

System Management Control

Ruckus offers a variety of software platforms, which are complimentary and address to the unique needs of different customers – both small and large enterprises. Choose the platform that suits your business needs.

Ruckus Unleashed
Ruckus Unleashed enables SMBs to take advantage of a controller-less WLAN network to meet the growing requirements of their business.

SmartZone Platform
SmartZone Platform offers the ultimate deployment flexibility, allowing your network to expand and adapt to the growing needs of your business.

ZoneDirector Platform
ZoneDirector Platform is a simple and powerful centralized WLAN software system.

FlexMaster is a complete management platform to control, monitor and upgrade enterprise and carrier-grade Wi-Fi service infrastructures.

Access Points

Our store has a wide variety of Ruckus access points, in the latest technology, to cover your specific needs. Whether you are looking for indoor access points, outdoor access points or mesh access points, Ruckus has just what you need.

ZoneFlex Indoor
ZoneFlex Indoor is a combination of power and simplicity in the world of wireless LANs (WLANs) for large-scale indoor deployments. Features like seamless interoperability, massive scalability and advanced Wi-Fi security, makes ZoneFlex Indoor the best-in-class access points.

ZoneFlex Outdoor
ZoneFlex Outdoor uniquely combines adaptive antenna technology and adaptive meshing to offer an amazing outdoor performance.

We also offers a range of Ruckus radios, antennas and other Wi-Fi essentials like the fiber node accessory and external antennas.

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