Need a solution to consumer electronics thermal problems? Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go-to destination for Active Thermal Management cooling systems for home theater or commercial AV installation. CAV has partnered with Active Thermal Management (ATM) to offer a comprehensive range of very quiet cooling systems for virtually any situation the installer or designer may come across, whether it’s a cable box in a drawer, four tall racks in an equipment room, or a credenza in a training room.

Active Thermal Management

In business since 1999, in the AV industry for decades, and with almost more than 150,000 systems sold, ATM is a trusted name in quietly cooling audio video, home theater and computer installations. CAV has ATM products and the experience to solve consumer and commercial electronics thermal problems. You can call, e-mail a JPEG of the installation, or fax a cocktail napkin sketch for prompt and professional assistance.

Active Thermal Management Solutions/Products:

There is a need for effective, quiet ventilation with the combination of more components in a typical home theater or commercial A/V installation, more channels and more power per channel in amplifiers, more components that are always on, and more systems located in enclosures. Whether you’re a systems integrator, installer, architect, contractor, or home theater enthusiast, Active Thermal Management has you covered. Visit our store to explore the complete range of ATM solutions/products.

Built-In Cabinets

We offer the full range of ATM products, including the Circle-vents, Cool-vent/Cool-line series, Cool-cube, System 4, and Quad-cool that combine quiet cooling with an attractive appearance.


We offer ATM Cool-cube for coat-size closets, Dual-cool for systems mounted on shelves, Quad-cool for racks located in closets and the most powerful cooling system System 1 for walk-in size closets.

Enclosed Racks

We offer ATM Rack-Mounted Cooling Systems, including Cool-stack II, Cool-stack III, and Dual-cool for enclosed racks that can be full size racks in closets or shorter racks that pull out of cabinets.

Flat Panel Displays

Visit our store for ATM Flat Panels, including the Cool-stick developed specifically for cooling flat panels and the System 3 that can also be used for flat panel cooling in certain installations.

Freestanding Cabinets

We offer the ATM System 3E or SEC-1 that are single speed, temperature-controlled, and work well with smaller cabinets and the System 2 for larger cabinets.

Unenclosed Components

We offer ATM component coolers, including Cool-it II, Dual-Mode, and Cool-slim that boost existing ventilation for unenclosed components.

Unenclosed Racks

We offer ATM products, including the Cool-stack I, Cool-stack II, Cool-stack III, Cool-rack, and the System 2 Rack Mount that are suitable for ventilating unenclosed racks.

Video Projectors

We offer ATM products for video projectors, including the System 2 Kit, Cool-cube, and the System 1 that quietly remove the projector’s heat from an enclosure.

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