Custom Audio Video offers a full line of audio video solution for residential and commercial application. From TV lifts and flatscreen wall mount systems to projector lift and controllers, CAV, which has partnered with Inca Corporation, has everything you need.

Inca Corporation

Inca Corporation specializes in the development of automation devices to reveal plasma screens, TV displays, projectors, appliances and other objects from concealed locations. The company offers a variety of solutions including TV lifts, flatscreen and compact TV lifts, flatscreen wall mounted systems, projector lifts, door and panel openers, special automation devices and controllers.

Inca Solutions:

Our store offers a variety of Inca solutions for televisions, projectors, and other AV devices.

TV Lifts And Display Devices

Inca TV lift can support weights ranging from 100 lbs. to 650 lbs. It offers custom configuration using accessories and control options. This device allows all controls and accessories to be added as separate plug in items. The electrical and motor components come with a 1 year limited warranty. The Inca TV lift works on the rack and pinion lifting mechanism.

Flatscreen And Compact TV Lifts

Inca Flatscreen and Compact TV Lifts are multi-purpose machines. It supports a flatscreen TV and allows the television to slide left or right with its swivel mechanism. These units have steel moving platform and aluminum side panels. Inca lifts come with control options such as touchscreen system or RF radio remote. You can choose between standard and custom sizes from a wide range of Inca flatscreen TV lifts. Some models provide complete universal mounting frame to lift and hold the flatscreen. The compact TV lift offers automation features to miniature, thin screen televisions and LCD screens.

Flatscreen Wall Mounted Systems

The Flatscreen Wall Mounted System is a ready-to-use unit. This wall mounted accessory supports the flatscreen and allows swivel option for convenient viewing using remote control. The unit can be controlled using touchscreen option or single channel RF radio remote.

Projector Lifts

Inca projector lifts are specifically designed to lower and retract projectors out of the ceiling. These lifts can move compact projectors, standard projectors or miniature-sized projectors in a silent and precise manner. The weight capacity of these lifts range from 200 lbs. to 70 lbs. The ready-to-install projector lifts include a steel projector mounting plate, cage assembly as well as a ceiling seal plate. They are also available in customized sizes.

Door And Panel Openers

The horizontal openers can move doors up to 36-inches wide, horizontally, to fully open. Each of these units has a weight capacity of up to 150 lbs. These lifts are designed to use either a rocker switch, radio remote, or external 12 VDC trigger for touchscreen applications. You can also open two doors simultaneously, using one control, by placing two of these systems together. The horizontal openers are available in customized sizes.

The vertical openers can move doors up and down, vertically, up to six feet wide. These units have a capacity to move up to 200 lbs. per door. Inca also offers single door opening systems. The vertical step back and rise door opening system works by moving a door inside of a wall by retracting it. These are built to order products. The panel lifts are engineered to lift panels, pictures or flat objects weighing 15 lbs. to 200 lbs.

Special Automation

Inca Dumbwaiter systems offer a lifting capacity of 300 lbs. to 450 lbs. It comes with a rack and pinion lift system made of heavy gage steel.

Table lifts are compact gear-driven lifting systems that can convert a coffee table to a dining table using a switch. Constructed of aluminum with steel axles and gears, this unit is extremely rigid.

The rotator assembly is designed to turn heavy loads. This motor driven mechanism comes with limit switches that can stop the unit at any point.

In addition, we have Inca’s motorized closet ring assembly that can hold 32 hangers or more. It can lift up to 60 lbs.


Our store has a full line of Inca accessories or controllers that help in the installation of Inca products.

The Infrared Panel Mounted Transponder System offers control between a plasma screen installed inside a cabinet and the plasma TV lift using a TV remote button.

An Interface Panel is used to connect the video cable from a VCR or cable TV with 110 VAC to the TV lift.

The International Power Supply allows connection of any AC power level for operating the lift and accessory.

The Touchscreen Control enables the operation of any Inca radio receiver without using radio waves. Some of the other controllers include:

  • External Control Systems
  • Infrared Transponder Control System
  • Key Switch Control
  • Lift Controller Module
  • Multiple Lift Controllers
  • Radio Remote Control System
  • Rocker Switch Control

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