Custom Audio Video offers the best audio video solutions from top brands in the world. Whether you are looking for moving art lifts, mounting brackets, or media frames, we have you covered. CAV has partnered with Leon to cater to all your needs.


Leon is a manufacturer of speakers, lifts, mounting brackets and media furniture. Their audio video solutions are custom-tailored to meet your design specifications. Whether you are watching a movie with breathtaking, cinema-like sound, or listening to your favorite music, each of their certified systems are fine tuned to provide stunning sound in every room of your home. The lifts mounts and rack hardware from Leon, are designed to enhance your comfort and viewing experience.

Leon Solutions:

Leon offers some of the finest audio video solutions in the world, with easy-to-install features and matching aesthetics. At CAV, we have Leon’s mounting brackets, media furniture, media frames, moving art screens and moving art lifts.

Mounting Brackets

Our store has an extensive range of exclusive Leon brackets that offer multiple points of adjustment, and support all their products. These easy-to-install mounting systems can be seamlessly integrated into almost any environment. Whether you are looking for brackets to mount speakers directly to the TV, on-wall or for tabletop, we have you covered.

Cases And Media Furniture

We offer Fit Mounting System and Hardwood Cabinets to keep your soundbar safe and hidden. The Tonecase line of mounting system is designed to hold and conceal your Sonos PLAYBAR®. These mounting brackets attach the playbar to the TV directly, allowing sound to coordinate with the display. You can personalize your speakers using these mounting systems. ToneCase cabinets can be used to hold any Sonos surround or bookshelf speaker, while allowing space for wire management and controls. Handmade from solid black walnut or white oak, or custom painted, these brackets are specially built for the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5.

Media Frames

Edge Media Frame has been specially designed to encase your TV as well as the speakers, giving the built-in, recessed unit a sleek look. This mounting bracket can be customized to match the TV dimensions exactly. The system comes in a simple design that allows you to conceal the mounting and wiring. The frame attaches magnetically to the mounting panel, offering easy access to the TV’s back panel. Handcrafted from solid hardwoods, including cherry, oak, maple and walnut, this mounting system was created to place the TV and one of the Horizon Series soundbars from Media Décor.

Moving Art Screens

Moving Art Screens are perfect to conceal TVs up to 100” with excellent custom printed artwork and frames. The Moving Art solutions are available in various models, which include recess and surface-mounting configurations. They feature Lutron QS quiet motors and a patented scrolling motion, for concealing TVs and speakers behind fascinating artwork. Each unit is custom-made using artwork and frames that customers can choose from an extensive gallery. We have an extensive range of artwork in traditional, contemporary and abstract themes. Choose from the Elite, Allure or Illusion series.

Moving Art Lifts

The Moving Art Lifts are silent, ultra-precise electronic lifts used for concealing televisions that are up to 70” wide. These lifts move artwork, decorative panels, mirrors or sculptures to conceal and reveal the display. We offer Moving Art Lifts in various configurations: vertical, horizontal and dual eclipse. These lifts can be customized to serve your needs. You can choose the movement option, up-down, left-right or split, that suits your space the best.

Sound Sculptures

Leon’s sound sculptures are custom designed to meet their commitment to artistic vision – to mix art with audio, and design with technology. The Dragon and Wave series of sound sculptures represent the inherent goal of Leon. It’s a confluence of art and audio, and everything Leon stands for.

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