Milestone AV Technologies

Milestone AV Technologies is the world’s top provider of creative mounting and display solutions for a wide range of audio visual technologies. The company’s top quality products are sold under the brand names of Chief Manufacturing, Da-Lite Digital Projection and Sanus.

Chief Manufacturing

At CAV, we offers a variety of audio video solutions from Chief Manufacturing, including projector mounts, TV mounts, monitor mounts, racks, and accessories. These innovative products support the latest technologies. These solutions are easy to install, safe and award-winning products in the industry.

Chief Manufacturing Motorized Systems Solutions:

Projector Mounts

We offer world-class projector mounts, which have been thoughtfully designed for quick installation along with flexibility and ease of use. At CAV you will find Chief’s projector mounts such as:

  • Automated Projector Mounts
  • Ceiling Projector Mounts
  • Projector Stacker Mounts

TV Mounts

Our store has the world’s largest selection of universal and custom display TV mounts. These mounts are specially engineered for speedy installation, and features that provide strength, flexibility and ease of use. Our collection of Chief’s TV mounts include:

  • Automated Mounts
  • Fixed Wall TV Mounts
  • Full Swing Wall Mounts
  • In-Wall TV Mounts
  • Tilting Wall Mounts
  • Truss-Pole Mounts
  • TV Ceiling Mounts
  • Video Wall Mounts
  • Accessories

Monitor Mounts

We have a wide range of monitor mounting solutions, including wall mounts, desk mounts and multiple monitors mounts from Chief. These mounts provide smooth height adjustment and easy fingertip tilt features for the perfect ergonomic alignment. Our collection of Chief’s monitor mounts include:

  • Laptop Mounts
  • Monitor Desk Mounts
  • Monitor Mount Accessories
  • Monitor Pole Mounts
  • Monitor Wall Mounts


At our AV store you will find a complete line of racks, enclosures and accessories for music stores, audio suppliers as well as the commercial installers. Our collection of Chief’s racks include:

  • Freestanding Racks
  • Furniture Racks
  • In-Cabinet Racks
  • Wall-Mounted Racks


Our shop provides a complete range of mount and rack accessories for various applications. We have Chief’s accessories such as:

  • Monitor Mount Accessories
  • Power Management Accessories
  • Projector Mount Accessories
  • Rack Accessories
  • TV Mount Accessories

Da-Lite Digital Projection, Inc.

At CAV, we have Da-Lite projector lifts, lecterns, storage carts, and workstations.

Projector Lifts

Our store offers Da-Lite’s projector lifts, which are among the best in the industry. You can choose from:

  • Motorized Projector Lift
  • Pivot Motorized Projector Lift


We have a great collection of Da-Lite lecterns in various models to suit the needs of schools, colleges, offices, and places of worship. Our collection of lecterns include:

  • Cambridge Lectern
  • Concord Lectern
  • Euro Lecterns
  • Hamilton Lectern
  • Lancaster Lectern
  • Lexington Lectern
  • Multi-Media Lectern
  • Pedestal Lecterns
  • Providence Lectern
  • Yorkshire Lectern

Multimedia Carts And Stands

AT CAV, we have a wide range of Da-Lite laptop storage carts, offering secure storage and recharging option. You can choose from the following:

  • Confidence Monitor Stands
  • Equipment Rack Carts
  • Plastic Carts
  • Projection Carts And Stands
  • Video Conferencing


Our shop provides Da-Lite’s Height Adjustable Computer Workstations PCT, a favorite of the computer and multi-media equipment users. For educational settings, the adjustable Computer Workstation PCT is the best choice. The Tower Bracket is just what you need for use with the Multimedia Trolley (MMT) or PCT Workstation.


We at Custom Audio Video offer a full line of SANUS products such as TV mounts, speaker stands, furniture, racks and other accessories needed for installing audio visual products.


Our store offers a wide variety of SANUS mounts in great designs with advanced safety features for your AV equipment. Our collection of SANUS mounts include:

  • Full-Motion+ Wall Mounts
  • Full-Motion Wall Mounts
  • Tilting Wall Mounts
  • Fixed-Position Wall Mounts
  • Ceiling Mounts
  • Desk Mounts
  • In-Wall Mounts
  • Projector Mounts
  • Speaker Mounts
  • Tablet Mounts
  • Swivel Mounts


If you are looking for AV furniture, which are specially designed to place home audio video equipment, then visit CAV. Our store offers AV furniture that keeps your equipment safe by preventing overheating. Some of the SANUS AV furniture at CAV includes:

  • Accurate Series AV
  • Basic Series AV
  • Cadenza Series
  • FMS Series Furniture Mounting System
  • Java Series
  • Natural Series
  • Steel Series
  • Trillium Series
  • Vertical Series

Choose the one that suits your equipment as well as the home décor.


We have a variety of SANUS AV racks in different models and features to suit your specific needs. We have the following models:

  • Component Series
  • Component Series Rack Accessories
  • EcoSystem AV Rack Accessories
  • Euro Series AV Racks
  • Euro Series Racks Accessories

Speaker Stands

Our store offers a wide range of SANUS speaker stands that are packed with features. These stands come in different designs and finishes, offering the highest performance possible.

  • Basic Series
  • Euro Series
  • Home Theater Series
  • Natural Series
  • Steel Series
  • Wireless Series

For more information about the Milestone AV Technologies products Custom Audio Video offers, please submit the contact us form below.