Custom Audio Video in Bluffton, SC is your go-to destination for Panamax AV Components for digital signage applications and a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies. CAV has partnered with the industry innovator, Panamax, to offer best-in-class power and energy management products that deliver pure, noise-free power to audio video systems for the highest quality performance.


Since 1975, Panamax has been the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of power conditioning and surge protection products known for technological innovation and manufacturing expertise. From electronic and electrical protection to filtration and control products, there is a Panamax product at CAV for your home or business.

More Than 30 Years Of Innovative Leadership:

  • The pioneers in introducing automatic over/under voltage protection that resulted in a smaller amount of service calls and hassle-free surge protection technology.
  • Panamax came out with the revolutionary TowerMAX® and AllPath® modular protection systems that work across an extensive range of AC and other signal line combinations, giving our customers the flexibility to increase their protection with changing needs.
  • The first in the industry to merge AC and telephone/modem protection, AC and coax cable protection (CATV and Satellite), protection specially for satellite systems, and AC and LAN/data line protection.

Our Customer Service Firsts Include:

  • Considered the best warranty in the business, our products are supported by our Lifetime Connected Equipment Protection Policy.
  • The first to provide an extended 3 or 5-year warranty on DBS satellite receivers and LNBs.

We Offer Panamax Products That Include:

  • AV Components
  • Battery Backup
  • Floor Models
  • In-Wall

Essential Power Management Components

The Power Management Components from Panamax are a must-have for every home theater to get the best sound and picture from various entertainment devices and also to protect the devices from AC voltage irregularities and surges so you and your family can enjoy the most wonderful home theater experience, the easy way.

Designed And Engineered For Home Theaters

The leading-edge UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) from Panamax prevent hard drives and processors from losing data and configurations and offer the ultimate power solution in all kinds of problematic situations such as dangerous over voltages, power fluctuations, temporary power outages, and total system blackouts.

Versatile Floor Models

Panamax Floor Models are suitable for a wide variety of uses and offer superior level of surge protection and noise filtration. Designed for home theater power management, the Floor Model range eliminates voltage irregularities and protects expensive audio video equipment from damage caused due to surges and spikes.

Impressive Max-In-Wall Products

Ideal for residential and commercial installations and equipped with unique features such as ultra-thin profile, EMI/RFI Noise Filtration, and Voltage Monitoring Circuit, Panamax Max-In-Wall products offer protection and/or extension of a Panamax component and your multimedia devices such as LCDs and remote plasma screens.

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