If you are looking for high performance projection screens for your home theater or a business presentation, visit Custom Audio Video located in Bluffton, SC. CAV has partnered with the industry-leading manufacturer, Draper, to offer you a wide range of top quality Draper projection screens, including Motorized Projection Screens, Manual Projection Screens, Rear Projection Screens, and Portable Projection Screens.


Founded in 1902, Draper, Inc. has more than 110 years of experience in providing world-class solutions, including Window Shades, Projections Screens, Projector/Flatscreen Lifts, and Gym Equipment for audiovisual and architectural projects. As a dealer in Draper products, Custom Audio Video has the right projection screen for every need. Explore our full range of Draper projection screens and choose the one for your needs.

We Offer Draper Products That Include:

  • Lifts And Mounts
  • Projection Screens
  • Solar Control Solutions
  • Window Shades

We Offer Draper Solutions/Applications That Include:

  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Home Theaters
  • House Of Worship
  • Video Conferencing

Electric Screens

We offer easy-to-install Draper Motorized Projection Screens that deliver superior performance at home or office. From Motorized Wall or Ceiling Mounted Tab-Tensioned Projection Screens that provide a smoother surface for viewing to Motorized Ceiling-Recessed Free Hanging Projection Screens that are perfectly suitable for conference rooms, executive facilities, training centers as well as home theaters, we have them all.

Manual Screens

Our store offers you an impressive selection of individually inspected Draper Manual Screens and Accessories for Manual Projection Screens. Available in a variety of mounting options, Draper Manual Screens are carefully assembled and fully tested to ensure optimal performance. Unlike other screens, Draper Manual Screens are uniquely designed to significantly reduce friction, the major source of manual screen failure.

Rear Screens And Structures

At CAV, you will find all you need for your rear projection project. We offer an assortment of Draper Rear Screen options, including Rigid and Semi-Rigid Rear Screens, Fixed Rear Screens with Flexible Material, Portable Rear Screens, and Home Theater Rear Screens. Our store also provides Custom Cube Stands, Multiscreen Systems, Video Wall Framing, Projector Support Systems and more for your rear projection project needs.

Portable Screens And Pipe And Drape Runoffs

If you want a lightweight portable projection screen to quickly make a presentation, we have you covered. We offer an extensive line of Draper Portable Screens such as the sturdy and precision-manufactured Folding Projection Screens and the easy-to-set-up Modular Projection Screens. For a theater-like appearance, you can also choose from a range of Pipe and Drape Runoffs, Dress Kits, and Draperies available at our store.

Fixed Screens

We are your go-to destination for elegant and innovative Draper Fixed Projection Screens that provide a contemporary, theater-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required. Draper’s proprietary surface tensioning system keeps the viewing surface perfectly flat with no puckering and creates a clean, stylish, and high tech look so you can make a bold statement at home or office.

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