Custom Audio Video is your go to audio video shop for projection solutions. When it comes to high-performance projectors for classrooms, corporate meetings or home theaters, then rely on CAV that has partnered with Epson for all types of projection solutions. At CAV we have various types of Epson projectors.


Epson’s projectors provide outstanding image quality that enhance communication and inspire collaboration. They have excellent reliability and service in schools and offices during meetings and presentations. These projectors also bring movies and video games to life in your home.

Education Projectors

At CAV, we have different types of Epson education projectors that are used in spaces varying from small classrooms to auditoriums. The interactive projectors are designed to engage the entire classroom while sharing lessons from computers, iOS and Android devices or without a device. Epson’s document cameras capture and display books, 3D objects and documents with amazing clarity, and are remarkably easy to use. The classroom projectors are networkable, allowing teachers to wirelessly control the device. It is easy to set-up and offers quality audio for enhanced visual experience. Epson’s large room projectors come with robust wireless security for large lecture halls and meeting rooms. The large venue projectors offer advanced features providing highest brightness, and some models have power lenses and dual lamps. If you are looking for lightweight and bright mobile projectors, then choose Epson’s ultra-portable projectors that are quick and easy to set-up anywhere. We also have accessories such as sound enhancement systems, carts, mounts and other peripherals that help you in getting the most from your education projectors.

Corporate And Commercial Projectors

The corporate and commercial projectors from Epson are reliable and high-performance devices that take meetings and presentations to the next level. Epson’s large venue projectors, like the laser projectors and lamp projectors are ideal for auditoriums, lecture halls, sanctuaries, events and for digital signage application. If you are looking for better engagement and productivity of your employees, opt for interactive displays from BrightLink Pro. The Powerlite 1900 series are the meeting room projectors, which are bright and loaded with features for rooms with low lighting. For commercial use, choose Epson’s portable projectors that are bright, easy to set-up and comes with the latest connectivity for laptops, smart phones and tablets. For meetings on the go, the ultra-portable projectors are the ones to look out for. We also offers accessories like lamps, screens, whiteboards, mounts, filters, carrying cases and more for corporate and commercial projectors

Home Theater Projectors

Movies, video games and sports come to life with Epson’s state-of-the-art, innovative projectors. Their home theater projectors will enrich your movie experience at home. These projectors are feature-packed, offering rich cinematic adventures. Every image is sure to pop off the screen in stunning 2D and 3D, with bright images. Epson’s home cinema series of projectors are great for movies and gaming. These high-quality projectors are portable, come with speakers and also have HDMI/MHL connectivity. The Pro Cinema series are high-end home theater projectors that need to be professionally-installed; while the portable home theater projectors allow you to enjoy movies, TV or video games anywhere you want a big screen experience. At our store you will also find accessories like lamps, mounts, filters and wireless modules for your home theater projectors.

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