Leon and Media Décor

Leon and Media Décor team up to provide some of the most stunning and beautiful installation options for television and speaker systems available anywhere in the world.

Beautiful design and high performance are priorities for both Leon Speakers and Custom Audio Video. A beautiful home deserves well designed technology that does not ruin the elegance of a space. Leon Speaker products and their sister company Media Décor offer amazing solutions to either hide or improve the look of speakers and televisions without compromising performance. Since 2016 Custom Audio Video has been creatively incorporating Leon products into custom entertainment systems for many clients.

In 2019 Custom Audio Video became one of a handful of locations designated as a Leon Design Center, where homeowners can come and see firsthand examples of the forward-thinking design of Leon products and the creativity of Custom Audio Video system designers.


Featured Installation Examples on Display at Custom Audio Video:

Ente Sound Sculpture

Leon Ente Sound Sculpture, on display at Custom Audio Video's showroom.

Leon Sound SculptureThis custom-built system incorporates sound, light and aesthetic design into beautiful modern art decoration.

Constructed of Baltic birch and a specially designed speaker array, the sound sculpture can make a statement in any modern space.






Edge Media Frame

Edge Media Frame by Leon Speakers on display at Custom Audio Video's shworoomWhether one is after the sleek and bold or the austere and elegant, an Edge Media Frame can be employed to conceal the unsightly edges of television and speaker installations. Available in beautiful wood finish or custom painted to match any rooms design, these custom-made systems allow for technology to show while making it look like a cohesive part of the room.



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