Custom Audio Video is an audio video store that has a huge inventory of AV solutions. We offer high quality streaming products from the world’s top brands. Whether you are looking for movie players, movie servers, disc servers or disc vaults, CAV, which has partnered with Kaleidescape, has all your needs covered.


Kaleidescape is a company involved in designing multi-room home entertainment server systems, which store and stream video and audio content to devices connected to televisions. Kaleidescape is vital to the performance of your home entertainment system. Its products allow you to enjoy pristine Blu-ray quality movies with its professional-grade hardware. Their products allow you to experience Blu-ray quality content with no compression, buffering or artifacts. It helps you in creating a visually stunning library of movies that are easy to access and enjoy at home. The Kaleidescape Movie Store offers thousands of new Blu-ray quality movies, often weeks before they are available on Blu-ray disc.

Kaleidescape Solutions:

Our store offers an array of Kaleidescape solutions such as movie players, movie servers, disc servers and disc vaults to enable you to enjoy Blu-ray quality content.

Encore System

Kaleidescape’s Encore System will bring out the best of your home entertainment system, offering movie-theater like experience at home. Encore Systems scale to fit any home and any movie collection. It’s ideal for modern AV control systems, large 4K Ultra HD televisions and projectors.

Kaleidescape Strato is a dynamic-range movie player. Strato enables you to watch 4K Ultra HD movies, without startup delays, quality drops or buffering messages. It supports a truly stunning audio and visual impact for an amazing movie or gaming experience.

The Kaleidescape Alto delivers the perfect playback quality, offering an incredible experience. Alto provides access to Blu-ray quality movies and TV seasons that Kaleidescape has licensed for the Movie Store.

Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server can store up to 24 TB of movies on its hard drives. A single Terra server can support up to 15 players simultaneously to play Blu-ray quality movies.

The Disc Server offers a convenient option for storing, browsing and playing Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

Premiere System

The Kaleidescape Premiere System has been specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate home theater. The premiere system offers a spectacular home theater experience with its products that allow simultaneous playback of Blu-ray quality movies in homes of any size.

The M500 Movie Player comes with built-in Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD reader. It’s a powerful platform for onscreen user interface and for playing Blu-ray movies in HD video with lossless audio. M300 Movie Player offers most of the features of the M500 Movie Player, but comes in a smaller package.

If you are looking for reliable storage space for your favorite movies and music, then Kaleidescape’s 1U Server is just what you need.

Kaleidescape disc vault copies your Blu-ray discs and CDs into your Kaleidescape System, which can be enjoyed throughout your home.

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