Custom Audio Video offers the best solution for your audio video equipment. At our store you will find top quality AV receivers and amplifiers. If you are looking for ways to enhance your music, movie or gaming experience, rely on CAV, which has partnered with Just Add Power, for all your needs.

Just Add Power

At CAV we have a wide range of transmitters and receivers from Just Add Power for your AV device. You can create any size of matrix of networked HDMI devices using Just Add Power products. Encode HDMI video for distribution over the local area network using HD over IP transmitters. Just Add Power receivers will decode the network packet back into a HDMI signal that is ready to be displayed on any screen.

We have third generation (3G) products that will distribute 2160p and HDCP 2.2 encrypted content; while the second generation (2G) products can support a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p. Every HDMI over IP device comes with different features. The primary difference between the third (3G) generation and second (2G) generation products is that 3G can distribute up to 4K Ultra HD content from HDMI 2.0 sources, while 2G supports up to Full HD 1080p HDMI 1.x sources.

3G Products

The third generation home networking products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the CI industry. It allows easy and affordably distribution of 2160p/Ultra HD/4K content with HDCP 2.2 encryption to multiple displays through a local area network. 3G’s scaling capabilities, which uses only 3G models of TX and RX, allows resolution of content up to 4K on any integrated screen.

2G Products

The second generation products from Just Add Power are trusted all over the world by professional custom installers for creating video matrixes (big and small) of networked HDMI sources and displays. All 2G models support a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p. In addition, the various 2G models can be mixed and matched to suit your specific requirements.

Just Add Power Solutions:


The 3G transmitters and receivers can send 4K and UHD video with HDCP 2.2, as well as 1080p and lower content from any number of HDMI 2.0 and non HDMI 2.0 source devices to multiple displays through a standard gigabit network. 3G receivers feature built‐in 4K scaler, allowing for the distribution of HDMI 2.0 sources to non HDMI 2.0 screens and vice versa. Just Add Power’s 3G products support video walls, HDCP 2.2, USB 2.0 over IP, PoE, and Dolby downmixing from 5.1


Both 3G and 2G transmitters and receivers are scalable. This feature makes HDMI over IP suitable for most commercial and residential installation, facilitating almost all 4K UHD, Full HD and lower content video matrixing application possible. Just Add Power products allow mix and match of inputs and outputs. If you need to integrate new source devices or additional displays, just add one HDMI over IP transmitter per source or one HDMI over IP receiver for each new display.

Video Walls

If you are planning to integrate video walls, then rely on CAV that offers Just Add Power video walls. We can integrate anything from 2×2 to 16 x16 video walls, while supporting unlimited single screen distribution simultaneously on the same network. All 2G and 3G HDMI over IP devices have in-built video wall setup software. So, video walls can be programmed on site via any web browser quickly and easily. In addition, with HDMI over IP video walls are possible with any standard display, and the costly super narrow bezel panels are not essential.

Control System Integration

At CAV, we offer control systems to send commands to the Gigabit managed switch, and allow you to select the content you want on particular screens. Just Add Power’s MediaSwitcher is a software that has been specially engineered to control HD over IP platform, and is used in commercial projects.

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