Automated Shades – Home Beauty in Motion

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Automated window shades offer amazing fabrics in a variety of opacity levels. While these obvious qualities have an effect on a home’s beauty, there are quite a few more benefits that often go under the radar.

Here are some considerations for interior designers and seekers of home beauty that show how other aspects of automated shades can uplift key spaces in a home.


Motion Versus Not

Key spaces and showcase rooms in most Hilton Head and Bluffton homes often include a key view, whether it be of the coastal beaches, marshland rivers, or a sumptuous garden. The interiors of such rooms usually offer a keen design sense that compliments the architecture and view, and window treatments of any kind can be a barrier between these hugely important sources of beauty. Motorized curtains, roller, or other window treatments are far more likely to be engaged on a regular basis than their un-motorized counterparts. Through simple convenience, automated shades will in the course of daily life spend more time correct position, open to an amazing view when they should be and closed when privacy is needed.


bedroom with motorized automated window shades


Automated Scheduling

When motorized window treatments are tied to a smart control system, scheduling them to open or close throughout the day can mean that key times in the home are treated as they should be, ensuring that over-bright glares are mitigated, key sunsets are revealed, privacy is ensured at bedtime, and many other possible scenarios.


lighting automated shade control keypad

Wall Controls that Match

Often overlooked, the controls of automated shades and curtains can bring a cleaner look to wall devices, even integrating with a home’s lighting control keypads to reduce the overall number of wall devices. Lutron shades controls offer identical controls for their lighting and automated shade controls, streamlining and simplifying, both the visual value as well as the homeowners’ ease of use.


If you have questions about how automated shades might be right for your new construction or retrofit project, contact Custom Audio Video today.

For more information on automated shades, check out this page.

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