Lighting and Shade Control for Your Home

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In your kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom, porch and study.

Homeowners are enjoying their homes more than ever largely because of features that can make their spaces more efficient and enjoyable. One way to achieve a warm, inviting atmosphere is through lighting and shade control.

Advances in lighting technology have led to home lighting automation systems that dim and brighten light fixtures to customized programmed settings – a step beyond traditional wall-mounted dimmers. With the best home lighting automation system, you’ll be able to adjust multiple areas or rooms at the same time from one device, such as a smartphone, tablet or even custom keypads.

A home lighting automation system also enables switches to be grouped together to create lighting “zones.” For example, in the kitchen, one zone of lights could include all the overhead fixtures; another the small LED lights under cabinets; a third the pendant lights over the bar; and a forth the chandelier over the breakfast nook. By arranging the room lights in this manner and tying them to a lighting control system, each zone can be controlled independently or grouped together. During a holiday gathering, you might activate a scene to call attention to a buffet; at a cocktail part a different scene of lights could be activated to create a cozy, intimate ambiance; and a different scene could establish bright light for everyday meal preparation.

Like lights, shades too are part of a complete control package. No matter how intricately designed a lighting control system is, sunlight can still affect the end result. The best solution is to complement your smart lighting products and systems with motorized shades.

Discover Total Lighting and Shade Control

Discover Total Lighting and Shade Control

When motorized, automatic window shades and draperies can be easily positioned to allow the lights in the room to do their magic without any interference from outside conditions. Conversely, they can be automatically adjusted to allow sunlight to contribute to the look and feel of the room and to weave the outdoor scenery into the room environment. Having shades adjust throughout the day is also a great way to control energy costs.

To discover how lighting and shade automation can contribute to the joy and comfort of your home, contact us using the form below and let the experts at Custom Audio Video help design the perfect solution for you.

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