CAV is thrilled to be a part of the Garden & Gun Artist Cottage in Palmetto Bluff

(Custom Audio Video was thrilled to be a part of the Garden & Gun Artist Cottage in Palmetto Bluff. Our technicians carefully installed Wi-Fi, a modern “must have,” along with televisions, speakers and streaming audio equipment. The technology enhanced the already peaceful atmosphere with tranquil music from the internet for the Artist in Residence.)

The Artist in Residence cottage at Palmetto Bluff was designed with a fresh take on the Lowcountry architectural aesthetic – creating rooms that are inviting, interesting, inspiring, and unpretentious. Shoreline Construction and 501 South Studio @ Court Atkins Group created a space that is decidedly contemporary through the use of unique architectural elements and furnishings like natural blonde oak floors, white painted nickel-joint wood walls, brick, and open trusses—unifying the spaces with the color white to create a blank canvas, so to speak. The next step was to install the “art” in the artist cottage by layering compelling finishes (like the powder room tile floor) that are essentially art themselves with the fine art collection curated through The Red Piano Art Gallery, featuring some of the best known Southern artists working today including Jonathan Green, Betty Anglin Smith, Mandy Johnson, Addison Palmer, and Mark Stewart.


Garden & Gun
Garden & Gun - Artist in Residence
Palmetto Bluff