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Custom Audio VideoWith the Outdoor Paradise Project, we wanted to provide a mixture…elegant outdoor lighting to be used for friendly gatherings, functional lighting for every evening, curb appeal as well as simple usability.

We supplied controls for driveway and entry path landscape lighting so that our clients would be provided with safety when they arrived home at night. We didn’t want them to have to worry about stumbling around in the dark. We programmed the lighting to come on at sunset automatically, and to go off at our client’s preferred time. However, our clients did say that they would, on rare occasion, have to arrive later on in the evening, so they knew they needed something that they could easily change at the drop of a hat.

Entertaining Outdoors:
Our clients enjoy entertaining guests in the evening, so we installed lighting that was preset to portray an entertainment scene upon one of their walls at the back of the house. Now, with just a push of a button, they can set the outdoor lights for an elegant scene. Focal lighting on statues and a fountain are accessorized by dimmer lighting that illuminates the path to the gathering areas like the porch, patio and pool. Accompanying the path lighting, which allows guests to find their way to the back yard, we installed motion sensors that have the capability to detect guests entering into and from the outdoor restroom. We programmed the lights to flip on when motion is detected and shut down when unoccupied, therefore providing safety as well as lowering energy use.

Lighting to use for Security:
We provided a sensor that automatically detected when a vehicle would come up in the driveway. This was used to trigger the front lighting, such as when the clients arrived home, or after the normal lighting hours, so they could safely park and enter their home. We also used motion detectors, and we strategically placed them around their property, so that the lights would trigger whenever someone or something entered onto the property. This gave the clients the peace of mind that they were searching for. Now, when a strange noise is heard at night, they can quickly investigate it using their system. Lucky so far, it’s just simply been the neighborhood raccoons snooping around here and there for food.

Easy-to-use Controls:
We also worked with the clients to provide a range of settings that would turn the overhead fans of the porch on when the temperature and/or humidity reached a certain threshold, and we programmed them to shut back off when the temperature was more appealing. This allowed our clients to not worry about whether their guests were comfortable or not while entertaining them. Similar functionality was incorporated for day time gatherings and lowering screen style shades on the porch to prevent overheating from the low country sun while still allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the landscaping and the gentle breeze. The clients enjoy how easy it is to use their system, and we enjoy another satisfied customer.

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