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One of the main appeals to living in the Low Country is being able to enjoy the outdoors for so much of the year. People travel from all over the world to take in all that the Low Country has to offer, and one of the biggest draws is the beautiful weather and outdoor areas. Needless to say, people love the outdoor spaces around here, and any outdoor gathering place can be enhanced with a little technology.


Technology is often overlooked when it comes to outdoor spaces, but it can also be that little extra piece to take a space from good to great. Obviously, there are some systems, like an outdoor TV or theater area that really have a big impact, but what about the tech that is subtle in the value it brings. Think of an outdoor patio area or an elegant pool where the focus is on being outside and enjoying the beautiful Low Country; those are the perfect areas for subtle technological enhancements.



Lighting is typically one of those aspects to an area that isn’t really noticed until its bad, and that is even more true when it comes to outdoor space. Properly lit outdoor spaces help create the ideal ambiance to really enjoy the space. Too dark and lack of visibility puts a damper on everything. Too bright and the ambiance is hindered by the starkness of the light.



Similar to lighting, unbalance or poorly planned audio can ruin a space. We’ve all been in situations where the music is too loud and no one can have a conversation without yelling. Alternatively, music too weak to fill the space is either a waste of resources or an annoyance just touching the level of audibility but not being discernible.


The experts at Custom Audio Video have an incredible tool at their disposal that allows them to meet both the lighting and audio needs of outdoor space and to bring it the next level, Coastal Source. Coastal Source is a research-driven company with unique lines of Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Audio, Waterfront and Architectural Lighting. They provide a high-quality, complete system to over the absolute best of the best. Utilizing the resources and products of a manufacturer like Coastal Source allows the experts at Custom Audio Video to help you take your outdoor spaces from good to great.

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