Five Ways to Hide Televisions

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For those who have televisions but don’t love how they look when not in use, there are many design possibilities and technology options that can help televisions fade into the background or even disappear entirely. Here are just five of the possibilities to hide televisions.

Designer frame makes the wall mount television look seamless with this living room's modern décor.

Frame the TV – Often TVs stick out because they are so difficult to match with the interior design of a room. Utilizing a custom frame allows the TV to become part of the design not stand apart from it.





Framed artwork rolls up out of the way to reveal a hidden television.

Behind Moving Art – Like something from a spy movie, televisions can be made to disappear hiding the TV when not in use. Utilizing moving wall panels or roll up fabric, the TV can be hidden behind framed prints or canvas artwork.





This television shows images when not in use, doubling as a digital picture frame.

Both/And – Televisions like Samsung’s The Frame are both smart-TVs and artwork. Designed to look like a framed picture and display digital artwork when not acting as a TV, this display offers a great solution for hiding a television in plain sight.





Television is raised out of a custom designed bed footboard by a hidden motor mechanism.

Utilize Furniture – For rooms with limited wall space hiding a TV in a piece of furniture is a great option. This solution will require some custom carpentry work for the furniture, but the end product is well worth the effort.





5.1 channel home theater system with wall mount television

Design a Dedicated Room – When a rooms purpose is to be the primary viewing room in the house, usually including a full surround sound or high-end stereo system, approaching the design of the room with modern, well-designed audio and video components can elevate a room’s look in a sleek and technological way.




If you have questions about hiding televisions, contact Custom Audio Video today for a free consultation. There are many options both large and small, that can be properly scaled to fit any exterior space.

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